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  1. Hi Etheri. I have a problem with your mod SOS Equipable Horse Cocks 1.4

    When i typed in console : help "Horse Cock"   it says : compiled script not saved. It just doesn't work.

  2. Where to get such a succubus as in the screenshot?)

    1. nfsfan6


      I have the same question to etheri. His succubus females looks just wonderful




      these two are just great

  3. If you have too many mods installed they can fill the "hidden" quest log and if DD is last in the order other mods could have already registered the quest log full so the MCM script doesn't include or start DD. Uncheck a few mods and then try on a new character with your setup and see if DD works then
  4. Well, I haven't seen anyone use horsecocks on male characters, so you would be the first to make one in that case :3
  5. Beautiful hosiecages <3

  6. Once I get a bit more time, that's something I will continue working on things like this ^^ I had an RPG side mod to this which had succubus enemies and they would be out "hunting" at night and stuff.
  7. There is no cool down system, but if you use the reset button it should reset all the NINodes and SLIF to the minimum values. Any chance you would be interested in adding this as a feature to SLDD, perhaps upon sleeping or waiting a certain amount of time? I'm poking around your scripts to see if I can figure out a way to add it, but I have very little experience with Papyrus and doubt I could pull this off without a significant amount of help. Yeah I can re enable the sleep thing in the next fixes I do, but I'm not sure when I have time to look over the mod next time. May be in a month or so.
  8. Yeah that's a known bug it's only meant to work on Unique Characters, pleasure uncleck the Draugr option for now.
  9. There is no cool down system, but if you use the reset button it should reset all the NINodes and SLIF to the minimum values.
  10. OK, so maybe I don't understand what native support for slif and bodymorphs means. Does DD directly support bodymorphs, or only scaling of ninodes through slif, and thus will use whatever slif is configured for (morphs or nioveride)? Yeah it's gonna be ninodes through slif or nioveride. It does not change body morphs.
  11. The [DD] stuff is my debug lines. It's telling me that the nodes "BigButt","AppleCheeks" and so on are invalid nodes or that the scale on the victim is actually 0 and do not return any value for the actor you tried to use this on. If it's not found it it won't add any gains to it so the value "To gain" is nothing for those nodes because there was "nothing" to steal away. This can depend on what minimum value you set and it can also depend on like I said, the scales already being set to 0 or that they are not valid nodes. You can try and see if checking "Growing from draining any creature" makes any difference, or try giving size to an NPC and see if it works.
  12. I did try enabling/disabling "Use NiOverride" and the give spell. No effect with that, either. My PC has a base UUNP body but did have values added through other inflation mods (SGO and MME with SLIF). Just to be sure, I added some sliders to my character (set Big Butt and Breasts SSH to 2 in Racemenu) and tried the give spell. That, unfortunately, did not work either. *Edit: Upon further testing, I still have not resolved the issue, but I found that I am successfully absorbing the simple node NPC GenitalsBase which was one of the nodes listed in my .json. It's the only simple node that I have added, and it appears to be the only one that did anything. These nodes have not yet worked (but I'm still trying to figure stuff out): BreastsSH, BreastsSSH, BigButt, AppleCheeks, Thighs, CalfSize, PregnancyBelly, Hips, BigTorso, ChubbyLegs, Legs, DoubleMelon. *Edit #2: I think I've got it figured out. Using NiOverride, you can only edit nodes that are available to the body, not Racemenu sliders afaik. I made a new .json file that works because it only utilizes nodes (I've attached it just in case anyone else has my problem). I then use Sexlab Inflation Framework to adjust NiOverride to correspond to different changes in Racemenu's sliders for my body type. Luckily, this means it's not a problem at all with SLDD--just with my understanding of how NiOverride works in tandem with this mod and SLIF. Nice detective work! Glad it's working
  13. The sliders might not always update, you can also try checkin/uncheking the "Use NiOverride" to see if that makes a difference. But the thing about them always having all their sliders at 0 Might be it. What if you try the opposite, give beauty instead and see if the npc grows? and then take it back?
  14. In the log it looks like the gains are super small, so either the actor you are using it on is reporting all it's scales are already almost at the smallest they can be, or you are draining from a creature/skeleton that doesn't have those node names at all in it. So perhaps do a try and see if you can get a really busty NPC somewhere and then reset your own scales with the reset option in the mod menu. Then try using the utility spell for "absorb/drain beauty" or whatever I named it and use it on the NPC and see if it shrinks and you gain. Edit: Also, thanks! ^^ glad you like it, and hope we can get to the bottom of this.
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