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How do you save a Face Preset?


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I need to install and uninstall my skyrim because its CTD a lot so a few things might still be around that i'm not aware of, how do i save the preset so it will not be deleted. Is there a folder i can find it in so i can just copy and past it elsewhere. I really don't want to lose the face.


This is the face, but not the exact mods used and i don't know what the exact mods i used to make the face.

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ECE has a CharacterMakingExtender mesh and texture folder just move that not sure if it has any other folders or not. Not sure on racemenu. You could unzip the folder for ECE or racemenu which ever you are using and look at what folders are contained in the rar then find them in your game folder.

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Same issue but for another reason, I want to make a new game with the same character, this time without using the console aka cheat with the additem command (and to fix CTD when entering windhelm), want to save the preset so I don't have to go back in recreating it for 1 hour, but I can't see the chargen folder, there is only chargen.ini, I am using Racemenu 3 + ECE (even if not recommended)

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