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Pickup and Finish Cover Mod


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I'm looking for someone to finish a mod that I started working on a while back but no longer have the time to iron out.


This is the start, and nearly finish, of my "cover" mod.  When the player isn't wearing any clothing or armor on the body and is detected by another humanoid npc the player covers up. Simple and immersive.


It's very close to completion but needs some TLC to become a final product.



Longer story:  I wrote a working version of the mod then lost the source files before I could finish it (Include SL compatibility and such)  so I decided to rewrite the mod from scratch. However, the second version isn't working as well as the first version did. I don't know how to reverse engineer the code so I'm at a loss to what the difference between the two versions is. All this is a moot point as I no longer have the time to work on it. I'll include both versions, the new one with the source files and the old one ("WorkingVersion") that seems to work better, but without the source files.  Animations are needed as I was using someone else's animation for testing.  If you use an offset animation it should be plug and play. Just change the name of the animation file to the name stated in the fnis file.


Anyone willing to pick up the project is free to use whatever.  If you finish it and upload, please pm me so I can get it and try it out. ;p


aModestSkyrim WorkingVersion.7z

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