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Saving my Skyrim mods

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I'm about to reinstall my operating system (yes, again). It seems that much of the OS is on the fritz again. Enough of that.


I have my downloads folder compressing into a 7zip archive right now. The real problem is that it will be 145gb when it finishes compressing. Is there a way to transfer a file that big without paying for a service like Dropbox?

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For that size I would say external hd is the only way, uploading it would no doubt be a pain just for the size, then of course having to download it again, your other option of course is run a multi hard drive with just your os and bits and pieces on one drive and the rest on the other, making a reinstall much easier.


Even if you don't have usb/esata, you can just open your case up and plug the drive in using normal cables, messy but it will work.


I don't think I have ran less the 4 drives in any pc of mine for years now, my current set up is for 5 2Tb drives, with the steam install being on a drive by itself.  Considering 2tb drives are about £70ish at present I think, having more than one is a good investment.


My teacher at college though having only one drive in a pc was a waste of time, his comments were along the lines of would you have a filing cabinet for all you stuff with only 1 drawer? Well that was when he was explaining to people who were not too computer literate, when explaining what a hard drive was.

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