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Poking around with a mod for the 1st time


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Hi guys,


I am interested in looking into a mod to see what data is there and how it works... i am very new to modding, and this is a quest based mod rather than anything soley object related (the mod is Sacrificial Spriggan)


I go to open the file with the CK and i can't find any data in it, and i also get a load of errors when trying to load it.


I open the BSA with notepad though and i get a lot of lines of code.


So whats the go? Can i mod that mod with CK? I am concerned my CK is erroring out majorly when opening it though

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Whoops thanks dood.


I think i may have it...


I think the BSA and ESm are just lines of data and to view it properly in the CK i have to load up the main Skyrim file, which on a search, shows the spriggan related quests.


Yes, when you're loading any mod up in the Creation Kit you also need to load all the mod's requirements. So if a mod needs Skyrim and Update in order to run in your game, you need to load Skyrim, Update and the mod itself in the CK to have a look at it.


By the way, Creation Kit will always give at least one error when you load anything into it. If you can, just click "Yes To All" every time a window pops up until everything loads.

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I am attempting to load a script file for a quest item but i keep getting a "Errors encountered while attempting to reload the script" error?


Edit: I think i have the answer... scripts are stored in the script folder, so will attempt to copy/paste them some

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I have located something i am thinking of changing, it is a dialogue box that opens only initially.


How can i change that dialogue box to open every time the event occurs?


i have located the quest item in the CK that references the script, and have located the actual dialogue box contents but on how the quest handles the dialogue box. It's in the BSA file.


I can open the bsa file and look at the lines of code with notepad easy enough but i think i need to unpack the bsa file, change it, then repack it?

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You need a BSA unpacker, there are a number of them around.


Decompiling the papyrus scripts doesn't give you anything you can really work with, the output is not the same as the original source. If the mod includes the source scripts you can see them in the CK, edit them and recompile them there, if not you can't really make any changes to them.

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Quick question... do you use CK to decompile scripts, and Notepad++ to recompile them?


Edit: I should say i am totally new to ANY language writing, i never got into anything past HTML.... Pearl, Python, PHP and the more popular ones like C++, C# etc are way beyond me lol

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