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  1. Hey guys, Anyone working on a Scylla race for Skyrim? Im thinking of either an octopus girl for being near/in water (like crabs?) and/or an octopus like monster for deeper waterways. The latter being an animal that attacks the player and the former as an NPC.
  2. Thank you!
  3. Is there a simple spell or action i can direct at an NPC to initiate sex?
  4. I have a slave collar on and i have collected all bar 1 piece of the bound queen restraints quest. How can i remove the slave collar without safewording?
  5. I do have Cursed look installed and active, i will try disabling it
  6. Im having an issue where the tentacle parasite is on me and i can't remove it either by in-game scripting or the MCM to infect/cure me of it. Do i have to uninstall the mod?
  7. Headerman

    Noob wanting to create modded meshes

    Thanks, I ended up installing the 2016 version, i got the nif plugin working good on that one and started going through some basic tutorials
  8. Hi guys, I want to create some completely new meshes and textures for a new mod, but i have not much of an idea of what i need to do it. I do know i need: - Skyrim Creation Kit - Fallout 3 Archive Utility What i also need is a decent 3d rendering program, i am currently installing 3D Studio Max 2019 to do that. I want to create some armous/clothing as well as (eventually) animated monsters. I have come across the following link as an initial guide.
  9. Headerman

    Dwarven Devious Cuirass

    Would love to see this as an animated NPC that automatically fights you and beats you then forces itself onto you so it wears you haha
  10. Headerman

    Estrus Chaurus+

    Hi guys, got an issue with Estrus in particular, when i estrus anyone or myself (with any estrus type), the initial gooey/tentacle thing appears on the targets back, the voice animation starts, the target doesnt move but there are no actual animations beyond the target just standing there normally. I have ran FNIS (its a new install with fnis core, spells and creatures also installed) and installed all requirements for estrus to run. I also tried EC+ but it does the same thing. I have tried older versions of Estrus but no change. Anyone got any ideas?
  11. Headerman

    Skyrim Chain Beasts

    What an awesome idea and mod
  12. Ahhh cool thanks Its a new feature and i installed the updated version yesterday so still finding new things Thanks guys
  13. How can i get out of a device if it has a jammed lock?