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  1. Hey Fishburger, I am writing a mod and have included this function in my main script with the aim of increasing arousal based on if IsWearingPanties() is 1: Function ArousalIncreaser() actor akActor = Game.GetPlayer() if IsWearingArmour() SLAArousal.UpdateActorExposure(akActor, Utility.RandomInt(1, 3), ArousalReasonStr) endIf EndFunction Is "UpdateActorExposure" the correct function for this? Also, how does one register the ArousalReason string to SLAR? Edit: I just saw your post on the LE mod stating EroticArmor is a ke
  2. As i learn more about this i am starting to form a solid idea of what i want the main script to do, but i want to release a simple but functional mod first before i expand on it and add in new things to it. To that end i think i need: 1) Putting on the main armour triggers a bool function to register the PC is wearing the armour. 2) Putting on the main initial armour triggers a 15 second OnInit event that: - Runs a stripping function to remove clothing by keyword (will expand that later to item slots), - Checks arousal and stores it as a float/int 3) (not sure how to enac
  3. Hi guys, I am creating a mod and have links to Sexlab and SAR. I want the script to monitor the arousal and when arousal reaches 100, the player orgasms automatically. Is there a simple line or two that does this? I am new to scripting so i am still learning about it, Someone has mentioned a spell active on the player could do it. I also have a quest script running at the same time too if that helps?
  4. Hi guys, I am creating a mod and have links to Sexlab and SAR. I want the script to monitor the arousal and when arousal reaches 100, the player orgasms automatically. Is there a simple line or two that does this? I am new to scripting so i am still learning about it, any pointers would be very handy thank you!
  5. Must say i do like working with SSE better Finally wrote my first test line for stripping the actor. There are so many possible ways to do it but eventually i settled on writing in "Game.GetPlayer().UnequipItemSlot(32)" for simplicity sake, during a special function. I will expand on this and change the slot number to SKSE numbering and will start an OnInit event to regularly run the stripping function (and pass it off via some message boxes).
  6. As a new modder, i'm looking to find how DCL strips items off the player (unequips) and also how it prevents the player from equipping things like armour, gloves etc. Pretty sure the answers are in the dcur_library.psc file so here goes...
  7. Fixed it by writing: Function Tracker() Actor akActor = Game.GetPlayer() Message m_suit = None Box2.Show() if (CurrentPanties != None) m_suit.Show() slaarousal.UpdateActorExposure(akActor, Utility.RandomInt(1, 3), ArousalReasonStr) endif endFunction
  8. Edit: I have been researching this myself and have written a function: Function Tracker() Actor akActor = Game.GetPlayer() Box2.Show() slaframeworkscr.UpdateActorExposure(akActor, Utility.RandomInt(1, 3), ArousalReasonStr) endFunction And now i am getting the following compilation error: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\temp\CC_Quest_Scr.psc(60,21): cannot call the member function UpdateActorExposure alone or on a type, must call it on a variable"
  9. ok, i have an equip and unequp event on the core armour piece now, the main script reads the equip, registers it as an integer, and via a function and if statement, registeres the ID for an auto re-equip. The entire script is here: Armour script is: Next stage: I want to start using sexlab aroused redux. I think i want to: - Set a base arousal exposure by the "int WearingPanties = 0" line, so if actor has this set to 1, it increases arousal. - Set up a monitor to watch for arousal thresholds (40, 60, 80, 1
  10. I am creating a mod that when arousal level reaches 100, it triggers several things. I have added the line "SLAMainScr Property sla_Main Auto" to my script but when i attempt to compile it, i get a whole list of errors from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\slaConfigScr.psc. such as: (79,2): variable Pages is undefined (82,7): type mismatch while assigning to a none (cast missing or types unrelated) (92,5): variable CurrentVersion is undefined I am very new to scripting and modding so it may be due to my MO2/C
  11. ok, Sexlab has been successfully connected to my mod, error free. Pretty sure implementing a future scene between the player and a chaurus to initiate the mod should now be quite easy to do, relatively speaking lol
  12. I have been putting a little thought into this, i do want to get a sexlab aroused (sla) redux property to govern the events as they happen. To that end, i think the core goal of the script would be something like: - Create link to sla to keep a float of arousal - Wearing the armour increases arousal - Display a message during arousal increase (at a specific point) - On reaching arousal level 100, player orgasms - On orgasm, armour is removed and the next piece is attached. - On orgasm, a message is displayed - On equipping w piece of armour
  13. because i am starting out with my own mod and scripting, i decided to open up DCL in CK and check out the scripts attached to quests... i opened the TickTock quest script... OMG. It is by far the most complicated script i have ever seen. I can't imagine the amount of time and effort put into that let alone the time required to bug fix. Years maybe.
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