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  1. Headerman

    Estrus Chaurus+

    Hi guys, got an issue with Estrus in particular, when i estrus anyone or myself (with any estrus type), the initial gooey/tentacle thing appears on the targets back, the voice animation starts, the target doesnt move but there are no actual animations beyond the target just standing there normally. I have ran FNIS (its a new install with fnis core, spells and creatures also installed) and installed all requirements for estrus to run. I also tried EC+ but it does the same thing. I have tried older versions of Estrus but no change. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Headerman

    Skyrim Chain Beasts

    What an awesome idea and mod
  3. Ahhh cool thanks Its a new feature and i installed the updated version yesterday so still finding new things Thanks guys
  4. How can i get out of a device if it has a jammed lock?
  5. I love this idea To further this, the rope could be animated as an NPC (maybe?) and stretched out across the ground or floating in the air. Make it hard to see. If the player runs into it (and as a 'normal' NPC would step back etc) it triggers an event where it wraps the player up and binds part of her. Bump into more of them to add more rope to her body and restrict her more. Eventually she has her lower legs bent and bound to her thighs, her lower arms to her upper arms and she has to crawl somewhere to get help? Would need to be an independent mod though.
  6. Headerman

    Devious Devices (Assets)

    Hey guys, i had an idea of a restraint; a mermaid tail! Make her either walk very slowly with tiny steps or crawl along the ground?
  7. Headerman

    Race Mod Projects

    Any plans for a slime race?
  8. Headerman

    Animations aren't playing

    Thank you. Unfortunately nothing i did could get them working so i restarted the whole thing, animations are playing correctly now.
  9. Headerman

    Animations aren't playing

    Thanks dood. Tried that but it didn't change anything Also tried resetting Sexlab and restoring defaults, same problem
  10. Hi guys, I got a new install of Skyrim, i have several off-the-shelf mods for it (realvision, CBBE, XPMSE, FNIS etc etc) and also have the latest sexlab installed along with DDA, DDI, DDX, SOS and SL Match maker (to try some animations out). Lastly i have SL aroused redux installed. Basically, it's not playing the animations i have loaded via sex lab. PC gets stripped naked, teleported to start location, the sounds of sex fill the room... except the PC just stands there. Whenever i use MM to force start an animation, the game freezes. Papyrus log: Mod list: I have ran FNIS with and without gender specific animations and with/without skeleton arm fix etc. Help plz!
  11. Headerman

    Animations not starting

    I got the same issue, animations are not playing. Papyrus log: And mod list is here: Using MO, ran FNIS with skeleton arm fix and gender specific animations, no change. I will try SLAL now.
  12. Since this mod has been abandoned for quite some time, i'd say no... That said, this mod is awesome fun
  13. Headerman

    Project: Unified UNP

    I just downloaded and "installed" The Journey mod pack which is based upon the Dimonized UNP body (and includes clothing/armour as well). I want to add sex lab in to this so i will try simply swapping Dimonized UNP for this UUNP.
  14. Headerman

    FNIS = Weird armour clipping

    Its something to do with either BBP or Remodeled Armor for UUNP BodySlide HDT When i crouch, the boobage goes mental and hollows out to the PCs back and the butt gets completely flattened. When i take clothes off, its fine. If i uninstall Remodeled Armor for UUNP BodySlide HDT, then the nude body deforms when crouching and clothing is fine... grrrr