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Creepy Skyrim Stuff

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Hi there! Just a little thread to post some creepy stuff you have found or that has happened to your game.


So to start off, something is happening in my game with the Dawnguard DLC. So whiterun has been taken over by vampires. So whiterun is in ruins and every night people are running, hiding indoors ect, Vampires are everywhere wondering around, using tanning racks and all that stuff, I kill them or well, some of them, and then day comes and people are back to normal but as soon as night hits chaos and vampires are back and taking over.


So creepy. And Whiterun is still messed up from the battle with the stormcloaks so it just adds more...creepyness.

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I have no such feelings from Skyrim. For me, 2 of the most creepy things were in Dark Souls.



One is being the Abyss under New Londo. I don't know, going deeper and deeper in that once flooded city on the corpses of thousands, then go even deeper in that chapel like building to a point where there are no more steps and you have to jump down into the nothingness below... just thinking about falling through an empty pitch black void for all eternity* just freaks the fuck out of me...


The other one is Ash Lake. If there is a place in any video game which perfectly symbolizes hopelessness, sadness and loneliness... that would be Ash Lake. Standing there, all alone** with that music, nothing all around you but dark water and giant trees until your eyes can see ... All you want to do is to lie down in that white sand, give up, and just cry...


This is how I imagine hell.


* If you don't have the ring that is.

** Except for the Ancient Dragon and maybe Sieglinde.




If you stop and think about these things, this shit is the real psychological terror, and not the difficulty of the game.

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