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  1. What is\Where is - Searches and Requests thread.

    Is there a mod out there that replaces all female armor with armor thats closer to the male armor? The guys look so much cooler in armor, but I don't wanna make a guy character
  2. post your sexy screens here!

    This is my male brotherhood character Levi. He demanded payment first before going to kill some raiders for this man.
  3. The Firsts of Loverslab

    For me I was really interested in applying mods to skyrim, rather than playing skyrim(Which I am sure is weird, I have more fun downloading mods than playing skyirm XD). I wanted to talk about my interests with others about the game and mods and such but sadly Nexus wasn't a great place to chat with others(Dunno if it still is) so I tried to find a different modding community and found this place.
  4. Patreon and Skyrim copyrights

    Uh, yes, selling mods do cause problems.(Hence the fact it failed, and hence the fact CC is complete garbage) Doing what you do on the other hand shouldn't be a issue because you don't hide ALL you're content behind a paywall.
  5. SSE Criticism Thread Reloaded

    Uh. No, they said they are happy to see that SKSE64 has forced modders to take a step back and work out different ways to make mods and make them more stable and cleaner. I mean, if they don't want to then they don't have to. I mean I know a lot of us on this forum are into slavery and stuff, but I don't think that applies to mod creators. (Or does it ) It is nice to see people make mods and work arounds for SSE, even without the use of SKSE64. Total genius. I mean we just kept getting mods that people recreated that normally would need skse for oldrim in the first place. Somehow people made it through. So far SSE is doing pretty great for mods. We're catching up.
  6. Patreon and Skyrim copyrights

    I don't believe in selling mods. Personally I am a bit more forgiving towards it when its original content, but at the same time, I feel its a bad practice and just causes more and more problems with modding in general. Despite all that, I don't believe in the excuse "Well they won't do it because of all the people they will lose". If they want to, they will do something about it. I highly doubt there gonna let people push them around when dealing with there own game.
  7. What? I didn't say it crashed. I said it WILL crash if you install the original oldrim version meshes and textures and then try to overwrite them with the SSE patch, which seemed like the proper thing to do since its called a patch. Just saying so no one else gets confused.
  8. Just a warning to all, even though it says its a patch, its more of a standalone mod than a patch. To install, simply download the original mod that contains the esp file and just move the esp file into your data folder. Then move the meshes and textures from the patch download to the data folder. Do not fully install the original mod then overwrite it with the patch, it wont work. Hence why calling it a patch is a bit misleading XD.
  9. post your sexy screens here!

    hehe First time using a sex mod in fallout 4, bit buggy, not sure how to fix buuuuut still hot My institute character was excited to meet Shaun after all these years.
  10. Skyrim / TES V : Nier Automata Weapons

  11. Helloooo I was wondering if anyone could make a quick tutorial on how to make custom armors work for joy of perspective. I was told that if you remove the first person meshes from the armor then it will be forced to use third person meshes so I tried it with the bdo armor pack and i took out of the 1st person meshes in the valkyrie armor and it didnt work.
  12. Crashed for me. To make sure I did it right, you need the original first, and then overwrite it the patch yes? If so, not sure why its crashing...
  13. SSE Mods compatibility

    Mmmmm so happy... No this isn't enhanced Camera, just trying out Joy of perspective BUT, I was shocked to see that like most UI mods for normal skyrim, Scribes overlays work! I absolutely love this mod!
  14. Multiplayer with BDSM content

    Also the dwindling sanity that's left in the community. Lot of trolls and just "crazy" people. And not the good crazy. And on top of that, the people who do take SL seriously are usually very... Well, All it takes is a quick youtube search. But I guess overall it is still a good place to try if you're looking for sex in a multiplayer game.