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  1. Hayleyrose2323

    SSE Screenshots and Character Shots

    Doing something different. Heres my character from Skyrim VR, Poet!
  2. Hayleyrose2323

    Sorry, LoversLab

    No, not trouble brewing at all actually. The thread was made for a reason and we should all be allowed to voice our opinions, if the OP doesn't like it then so be it, of course he isn't gonna like what some of us have to say and thats completely fine, its up to him to figure out how to react to the feedback. Not once have I insulted him, not once have I made anything personal, all ive stated was my opinion on the matter, based on what I've read here and seen and from experience on other forums. We should be allowed to question moderators and there decisions, the moderators are human like us and will undoubtedly make mistakes, and As I stated, when it comes to this user, I believe they have made a mistake. Of course that is my opinion and like all opinions, everyone is free to disagree, but to delete my post and give me a warning was uncalled for, even if it was a "zero warning" which was apparently supposed to make this somehow better. I'm not afraid to say that this just seems wrong at this point and looks like some sort of favoritism. I wouldn't have gone that far before but after this, I can't see it any other way.
  3. Hayleyrose2323

    Sorry, LoversLab

    Deleting my post and giving me a warning for "questioning staff" was uncalled for and just makes this seem a whole lot worse. Good Job guys. I stand by what I said, I should be able to voice my opinion, given the point of this thread, it wasn't going to be all acceptance and understanding, nor should it be. Only so many times you can give someone a slap on the wrist. Oh well, I'm starting to see a pattern here so guess like Nexus, its time to just sit back and stick to downloading and not bother with anything else on here.
  4. Hayleyrose2323

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    https://mega.nz/#!fdhACCLT!5jpXf_1zXC1-rxJ3gumLb-V-ci9ghoKkT7F9XDIegyc Bloodborne HDT armor pack for LE.
  5. Hayleyrose2323

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    Not sure if this is the right thread to ask, but does anyone have any info on the HDT Framework/Port? I just got it yesterday from that chinese site and so far it works, works really well actually, those HDT armor packs are amazing BUT the downside is it needs a older version of skse64. I was wondering if anyone had any info if the author will be updating it for the latest skse? I tried to look for info on the actual site but my translator isnt working well, I was wondering if anyone knew anything. I dont mind using a older skse at the moment, but if a new cool mod comes out its probably gonna need the latest, so far most mods i use work except for additem menu.
  6. Hayleyrose2323

    SSE Screenshots and Character Shots

    Nothing fancy at the moment, I haven't got that far yet, I'm just super excited to see this mod working in SSE and its almost 6am XD. Off to bed!
  7. Hayleyrose2323

    Mods you want to see converted with SKSE64?

    Well I just got another mod off of my wishlist, just tried out the HDT for SE and holy crap its so good to finally be able to use the bloodborne and BDO mod packs and other HDT gear. Honestly it was the only thing keeping me at oldrim. Now we just need enhanced camera.
  8. Hayleyrose2323

    Sorry, LoversLab

    Doesn't seem that important at the moment from you're comment. You just said yourself that its gonna happen again, and already from reading the OP's comments there are signs that Yea, hes totally gonna cause a ruckus again. I mean yea an apology is cool, but that only works for so long. I have no beef with the OP I don't even know him but from what I can gather just from his comments alone and all the info he has given us, you're comments about him and others, you're just asking for problems. I mean I hate to say it but this is when the strict nexus ban hammer really comes in handy. I mean despite all the false bans at least when shit does go down they deal with it properly.
  9. Hayleyrose2323

    What is\Where is - Searches and Requests thread.

    try this https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/27456?tab=files iits for oldrim but should work just fine in SSE. It's just a esp file.
  10. Hayleyrose2323

    What is\Where is - Searches and Requests thread.

    I have a little request. Can someone make a ECE Ciri Preset from the witcher 3 for SSE. There are some really nice racemenu presets, but would love to see a ECE preset.
  11. Hayleyrose2323

    Cynical Brit/Total Biscuit died

    Ill be honest. I don't like Totalbiscuit, thought he wasn't very nice BUT, despite that. No one deserves the kind of crap that is happening, especially him. I mean having to deal with cancer and then after passing, people celebrating his death and such, like jesus. I get it, I get why some people might not like him but this isn't right at all. I hope it all calms down soon, I feel really bad for Genna. I hope she is staying away from such comments.
  12. Hayleyrose2323

    Cynical Brit/Total Biscuit died

  13. Hayleyrose2323

    SSE Criticism Thread Reloaded

    I have to disagree. I've seen a lot of mods and yes a lot of them are ported which is the point. Thats what people want. LE mods for SE. A lot of mods don't even need porting. You can simply put them in you're data folder and have them work, sometimes needing to unpack the bsa files if they have one or maybe run the nif optimizer or perhaps for animation mods just simply convert them which takes only a few seconds. On top of that I like the speed mods are being made. I think SSE is going pretty good. Of course there will always be draw backs. A lot of modders are simply either gone or don't want to move to SSE. Hence why we might be missing some mods. But at the same tiem that hasn't stopped the modding community, which is why I must disagree with ya. I see the exact opposite of what you see.
  14. Hayleyrose2323

    To the person who is currently DDoSing Nexus

    This seems more for the rant section or What pisses you off section at this point. Not to mention we don't even know if they truly were DDOSed and at the same time if they were we (you) Don't even know if said person is even on this website. This all seems a bit overboard at this point.
  15. Hayleyrose2323

    Enhanced Character Edit or Racemenu

    I love ECE and all its options, the only reason I ever use Racemenu in the past was to rip faces from followers that I liked and to use them on my own characters.