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  1. Hayleyrose2323

    What is\Where is - Searches and Requests thread.

    try this https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/27456?tab=files iits for oldrim but should work just fine in SSE. It's just a esp file.
  2. Hayleyrose2323

    What is\Where is - Searches and Requests thread.

    I have a little request. Can someone make a ECE Ciri Preset from the witcher 3 for SSE. There are some really nice racemenu presets, but would love to see a ECE preset.
  3. Hayleyrose2323

    Cynical Brit/Total Biscuit died

    Ill be honest. I don't like Totalbiscuit, thought he wasn't very nice BUT, despite that. No one deserves the kind of crap that is happening, especially him. I mean having to deal with cancer and then after passing, people celebrating his death and such, like jesus. I get it, I get why some people might not like him but this isn't right at all. I hope it all calms down soon, I feel really bad for Genna. I hope she is staying away from such comments.
  4. Hayleyrose2323

    Cynical Brit/Total Biscuit died

  5. Hayleyrose2323

    SSE Criticism Thread Reloaded

    I have to disagree. I've seen a lot of mods and yes a lot of them are ported which is the point. Thats what people want. LE mods for SE. A lot of mods don't even need porting. You can simply put them in you're data folder and have them work, sometimes needing to unpack the bsa files if they have one or maybe run the nif optimizer or perhaps for animation mods just simply convert them which takes only a few seconds. On top of that I like the speed mods are being made. I think SSE is going pretty good. Of course there will always be draw backs. A lot of modders are simply either gone or don't want to move to SSE. Hence why we might be missing some mods. But at the same tiem that hasn't stopped the modding community, which is why I must disagree with ya. I see the exact opposite of what you see.
  6. Hayleyrose2323

    To the person who is currently DDoSing Nexus

    This seems more for the rant section or What pisses you off section at this point. Not to mention we don't even know if they truly were DDOSed and at the same time if they were we (you) Don't even know if said person is even on this website. This all seems a bit overboard at this point.
  7. Hayleyrose2323

    Enhanced Character Edit or Racemenu

    I love ECE and all its options, the only reason I ever use Racemenu in the past was to rip faces from followers that I liked and to use them on my own characters.
  8. Hayleyrose2323

    To the person who is currently DDoSing Nexus

    Well the people at nexus can only be a asshole to so many people before you piss off the wrong person.
  9. Hayleyrose2323

    What's on your mind?

    Just woke up. Been having nightmares recently, and today just now I had a pretty detailed one. Don't remember all of it but I do remember a good chunk, but the part thats really bothering me is I feel really weird right now, just down. A bit depressed. Usually Of course, I get a wave of happiness when I wake up from a nightmare to find it was just a nightmare but not today, so much that I am writing about it on a forum. x.x Basically I usually have videos playing in the background when I sleep and I was listening to the yogscast play Minecraft and they were playing a ground hog day type adventure map, you know, the day repeats its self, well that kinda made its way into my dream. Basically, something was wrong with the earth, and it was going to be very hot and kill a lot of people and only a select amount of people would be able to get shelter from it, mostly wealthy people and basically I sent in a application for my mom, dad and I, and at the last few minutes we would usually get denied or something and I would be able to reset the day and try again. The first time I reset, I reset too soon and we were accepted. Pretty detailed, but at the same time It was crazy. Overall just a nightmare, but as I said, still feel down and I can still feel the fear from it a bit. My depression and anxiety is kicking my butt lately, messing with my dreams. Bleh.
  10. Hayleyrose2323

    SSE Conversion Tracking (Aug 19 #1774)

    a few mods I have brought over to SSE. Haven't fully tested, but it seems to work. Imperial Mail - Post and Banking Service Additional Player voice Also not sure if someone else has mentioned this or if I have in the past but Ill put it here anyways, Less Intrusive Hud works along side the customizable UI mod. True wolves of skyrim KrittaKitty's HD werewolves mod Murphy the dog, a recent one on oldrim nexus. Chapel of the cape(player home, really nice one too) Dragonborn house casa del sangre de dragon (a house in riverwood with no loading doors) people talk about converting esp's but I so far haven't had to yet.
  11. Hayleyrose2323

    SSE Criticism Thread Reloaded

    Went back to SSE. I just love the stability and for me, all the mods I use are for SSE now OR I can just bring them to SSE myself which I have. I love overhauling skyrim, making it look like a totally different game and even making it play like a total different game, I always had to hold back though as Skyrim would crash of course at some point, usually sooner than later due to memory, but I don't have that problem in SSE. For me personally, if SSE crashes then I have done something dumb, otherwise I have no issues. The only downside I have with SSE is the ENB's just aren't there yet and might never be. Oldrim's enbs are amazing and you can do so much with them, and you can do a lot with SSE but not as much and I'm not sure if it will ever be due to how the game runs compared to how oldrim runs.
  12. Hayleyrose2323

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    I'm a idiot!!!!!!! For days I've been trying to get SSE to work. Its insane! Mod after mod, trying to figure out why it keeps crashing, because of course It barely crashes, and yet, it just wouldnt stop. FINALLY figured it out after uninstalling ALL my mods, everything but alternate start and fnis and realized I never emptied my skse folder. It was skee the whole time. I have a big list of mods I keep both for SSE and oldrim, so I knew something was up as I've tested each and every mod many times and yet I ended up downloading that one for the skeleton mod xp32, so now that I figured it out, i gotta reinstall everything x.x god damnit.
  13. Hi. I am getting random crashes, I guess I'm running out of memory or something, can anyone give me any advice on fixes or something by looking at my load order? Thats my load order. I am using the Beth ini and this is in my skse ini [Display] iTintTextureResolution=2048 [General] ClearInvalidRegistrations=1 EnableDiagnostics=1 [Memory] DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=768 ScrapHeapSizeMB=256 [Debug] WriteMiniDumps=1 Any advice?
  14. Hayleyrose2323

    The positive thought thread.

    Was trying to get my fresh install of SSE to work but for some reason probably due to a weird install it just didn't wanna cooperate today, so I tried my oldrim again with all the same mods I was using in SSE, just different ported versions and it works. As long as one of them works I'm happy, and man that Beth ini fix thing is amazing! Skyrim with the right mods is such a feel good game, I put some nice fantasy upbeat music, a whole lot of farming mods to replicate a cool stardew valley farm game feel and voila, super happy!