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Face distortion issue with Racemenu + ECE


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So, here is my issue. I use both Racemnu and ECE (I use features from both mods). When I make a character, everything is all fine and dandy, until I load up the save later. When I load up a save, my character's face is messed up, like the sliders got reset or something.


It isn't  a huge deal normally, because I can just use showracemenu, and slightly adjust the neck size, and it will go back to how it was. Now, I am trying to take screenshots with 2 of my characters together, so to attempt to do that, I'd load up a preset in the racemenu (it will load up distorted and I need to adjust the neck size again), then either use a console command or a mod to make a clone, then switch back over to another preset.


The issue I'm running into is that the clone is in the distorted state. Is anyone familiar with this bug, or know a way to screw around with an NPC's physical appearance in game?






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Since the time of that post, it seems the mod has been integrated into RaceMenu. I tried it just to be certain, and it doesn't seem to help. If I use it without ECE, I find it difficult to recreate the looks of my ECE characters. ECE seems to make some adjustments to the cheeks via an optional "fix" you can use when installing it, and has different noses, eyebrows, etc than RaceMenu. If I use all 3 of them at once, I get the same distorted face issue.

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After much trial and error, and even more Google searching, I finally found a way to make these 2 mods play nice together when it came to making my character's look normal by default. I'll post it here incase anyone ever has a similar issue in the future.


First off, I downgraded to the 2.5 version of Racemenu. All the newer ones caused the distortion issue, likely because of the integration of CharGen into the newer Racemenu versions (using CharGen with 2.5 just caused the same issues), but older versions do not. However, you will be missing sliders when using the old versions with ECE, such as all the mood/dialogue sliders.


Then, I followed this guide and used this mod to export my characters' heads. I followed it word for word (skip step 3 if using NMM), until I reached step 6, since I still wanted to use certain features of ECE (the default eyebrows are messed up if you originally used ECE).


Once you import the head, just save the preset and you're good to go. No more neck seams or distorted faces.



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