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Do I need special clothing for Collision?


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I'm using the Havok Object from:




  • XP32 Extended Skeleton
  • HDT Physics Extensions V14.28
  • HDT Breast And Butt Physics V1.4
  • Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT V5.1
  • Sexy idle Animation V1


When my character is naked and does her idle with her hands, she collides with her boobs just fine. But when she wears any armor her hands just clips through her breasts.


I'd like to add that when she moves, her butt AND her breasts jiggle even through the armor, so my HDT is fine. It's just the Collision that's not working for me with clothes on even though I have the Havok Object equipped

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You'll need to add hdt settings to the armor as well, its fairly easy. Open up nifskope, select the armor mesh, then select the body which the bounce or hdt needs to be. You'll add the directory path to you hdtbbp.xml something there. Collision will then happen to the clothes. Sorry if my explanation is sucky i haven't been modding for so long. Theres a tutorial here abou that somewhere here.


On a side note, was anyone able to make a shortcut procedure for that? Kinda how glossmax did wonders for oblivion/fallout instant gloss

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You could use Gerra6's mesh rigger use the copy havok node along with the other ones needed to add it the bones and weights from a body to a armor/outfit. The body would have to have the havok node in it for it to work. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24797-mesh-rigger-skyrim-fallout-oblivion-beta89f-10-26-2014/




I wish but skyrim is still stuck with manual glossing. I instead just use a gloss ENB that increases natural gloss to look better and if you manually change the glossiness float to max the body will become really glossy/oily. Without a ENB you could use glosstech to gloss the textures for the body then change the glossiness float to max in the body nifs for a glossy oily look. I use to use it that way till I got a gloss ENB.

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