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Ave's Vanilla Races and Racereplacer

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I decide to split my single content post and place all my race here, so they are hopefully more easy to find.

Never use the race and the replacer of the same race (e.g. AveKhajiit.esp and AveKhajiitReplacer.esp)

First of all you need for every Race/Racereplacer this:


File Name: AveRaceResource_V1.0

File Submitter: avebrave


SKS Ren Hair Collection

Crazy Hair







Like the name say, this is the resource file, it contains hair, eye and some other stuff that are need for all of the races.

download all requiremeds and place the meshes and texture folders in your data folder (no need for the esp if there are any)



File Name: AveKhajiit_V1.2

File Submitter: avebrave

Requires: AveRaceResource_V1.0, HGEC Body


contains 3 diffrent Khajiit Races:

Ohmes Tojay: orange-brown fur and dark skin

Ohmes Cathay: white-grey fur and light skin

Ohmes: orange-brown fur and light skin


File Name: AveRedguard_V1.2

File Submitter: avebrave

Requires: AveRaceResource_V1.0, HGEC Body


contains 2 diffrent Redguard female Races


File Name: AveRedguardMale_V1.0

File Submitter: avebrave

Requires: AveRaceResource_V1.0, Robert Male Body


contains 2 diffrent Redguard male Races, I recomment the one with beard, because man without beard are called woman :D


File Name: AveKhajiitReplacer_V1.0

File Submitter: avebrave

Requires: AveRaceResource_V1.0, HGEC Body


Replaces all female Khajiit in Oblivion and SI with my Khajiit Race. (contains 18 diffrent races 6 Ohmes, 6 Ohmes Tojay and 6 Ohmes Cathay all in all 18 different face texures and 17 different body textures)




Click here to download this file

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Alright, I had no idea what the Ohmes Tojay is, tried searching, and gave up thinking.





A family of Khajiit. Given how these things work it is very possible that the housecat that the catgirl is holding is the father of the tiger in the back. TES is weird like that.




Now, any idea how the humane Argonians that appeared in Arena and Daggerfall was explained? Can we have a lore-friendly reptilian-human race?

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sadly I cant see the pic, but the Morphology of the khajiit is strange.





Similar in many ways to the Bosmer, although generally of lesser stature. In order to avoid being mistaken as one of the Bosmer many Ohmes tattoo their faces to resemble a feline-aspect. The Ohmes is the most common form seen outside of the province of Elsweyr, taking advantage of other races' preference to their appearance to serve in positions of ambassadorship and trade. It is possible that the Ohmes are the breed seen across Tamriel at the end of the fourth century of the Third Era.

So I decide Ohmes are a human-khajiit mix (in Elsweyr Anequina, ohmes are a full human khajiit race wich are more lore friendly)




Little is known of the Tojay, except that they live in the southern marshes and jungle regions of Elsweyr, as well as the Tenmar forest.

Tojay are jungle khajiit, and ohmes tojay are the more human version.


Argonian...the only race I didn't have done anything till now...but I have some ideas how they will look like, maybe a little bit like a fire belly newt, with the orange part fading into skin texture, some gills on the back or the side. But with a human head.



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I was just wondering if we could have a more human-like reptilian girl without violating any of the "lore". :P :P

Because, in Arena, they were definitely just another human excepting that they had lizard skin.

Err....maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me with bad graphics, but... at least they had the hair.  Anyway.

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I never played arena but form the argonian arena pics i found there are hair, the rest is...grey-green :P , and I know that my khajiits are not 100% lore friendly , the question is if something like this will break the lore:








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Your khajiits are 100% lore friendly. In fact do anything you want on them and give them a hard-to-read name and it's lore-friendly, given how unbelievable difference their morph mechanic can make.

But yeah that fishy-amphibian-reptilian girl is awesome.

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you're right, cause the morphology is based on the moonphase, on earth we got ~30 with 1 moon, but nirn got 2 moons.

however i worked with the argonian texture, but I'm not sure if i should take a human colored skin for the 'skin' part, or a complete different one.


the skin color is very experimantal atm just too give a impression.



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Das erste Bild ! 

Hautfarbe etwas/minimal dunkler und Füße auch grün ( vielleicht der jetzt noch hautfarbene Teil mit kleineren Schuppen) Schuppenfarbe und Helligkeit ist gut.

Die Schuppen-Ecken an der Hüfte abrunden.

Der Teil über den Brüsten und an den Armen ist perfekt.

Und Rücken wie auf dem Bild in deiner vorherigen Post.

post-3205-0-95656000-1426912582_thumb.jpg der Schwanz ist nicht so toll aber die Rücken und Schwanz Zacken gefallen mir.


Hände und Unterarme ? vielleicht nur Finger und Teil der Hände, oder wie auf dem Bild die ganzen Unterarme und Hände.



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Danke für deine Rückmeldung, ich schreib die Antwort mal in englisch, falls noch jemand mitreden möchte.


the first is my favorite too, the backside is like on your pic, because this would be the tail:


left original argonian, right new one

first I want to 'floating skins' to reach up the back, but that will clip trough so many clothes, thats why they are only on the tail now.


I still think about the hand texure, because its so much work to have a perfect transition of the scales between the upperbody and the hands and the finger itself. The foot textures should be no problem, I guess you're right its better to have them full of scales.

The front is now edit like you said:




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with scattered scales you mean something like this? maybe with some scales missing randomly.


when the resource file is done, changing the color of the scales would be very small work, and why not more than one color? :D



thats a great idea, I will take a look how it works with those scales.




edit: ok the new scales looks good to, maybe a little bit to dark:


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Exactly, that's awesome! More variegated color would be good, too.

How about making the scaly area extra glossy. Personally I would like to apply envmap and hilight on the scaly region, but that requires a separate body mesh and so not feasible.... shame.

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Yes there will be more color variations. Glossy scales was exactly what i want to do, it can also done with the normal map. here some pics of the first try (only body and tail got a normal map atm):


scalesgot maximal gloss (what can be done with editing the normal map). look ok for me, the skin not  :-/ .


edit: Alpha_0.1.7z

AveRaceResource_V1.0 required



is this the color that you want?




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I prefer the Skin where the skin merges into scales, not as a sudden Transition ( Looks like clothes or glued on the Skin) . The skin becomes slow scaly would be much better.


And Hand and foot: Hand Palm and fingers and whole foot with scales. ( sorry german: Handflächen und Finger und ganze Füße, dort wo Schwimmhäut wären, wenn es meshes mit Schwimmhäuten gäbe)


The gloss scales are fine


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everything I can do, without just fade the scales out (which would be the most easy way) is making the scales smaller, but doing it with less work gives a further distance between the scales. what I can do to save work is fade the scale color out under the small scales (2nd pic)


the hand and feet are still very experimental, what I want are full scale versions, so I have to fade the scales from big to small on the body - hand/food change, without changing the distance between them.



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I think the hands and arms need more scales, like your khajiit's fur-skin ratio, but do it anyway you like.

Have you tried higher glossiness value on the body mesh, like 300 or 500? That works best especially when the specular map is very shiny. Flat white specular map is ok too that way.

I'll show you an in-game picture of that weapon I posted above if I find one. Reflecting environment map looked very good as I recall.



alright, still image does no good.


This blade part is made of one object, but the other part's specular map is flat black so the highlight textureing won't affect there.

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If you like the first version of the scales, I will make one race with these scales (of corse some editions that the scales fade like on the pic below). I personaly like the newer version more.



No I don't adjust the glossines yet, just workt with my standart 10 gloss mesh. Because I dislike to much gloss for human bodys, and adding a special body for one race is far away for my skills. But maybe I can make some options that can be add to setbody with better feet with floating skins, got some ideas, something like the KATS lowerbody, only more argonian like. But first I want a version that works with the standart body, to keep everything very simple.


This is the final scale version, just need to adjust the color fading at the hands and feet:




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Thats a good information, guess I have to check out the blockhead options again. Sounds like I have do build a Khajiit Blockhead version too. But from what I read I can't make a clothes/armor replacer by using blockhead.

btw could you send me the textures for this weapon? Its really hard to make the color selections of the scales from sketch.

the best result till now is this:




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ok, then I will leave the colores the way they are. The problem with the clothes replacer is that I maybe want a lowerbody/foot like this, which will look not cool with the regular replacers that are out there.

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