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No SL animation menu

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Well the menu is there but there's nothing in it.  Blank menu.


Running SKSE 1.7.2

SL 1.59c

SkyUI 4.1 (or whatever latest is, it's from Steam)



It appears the animations haven't loaded as when I trigger a sex event they don't do anything.  It also has a pop up asking me to install papyrus 2.8 (even though I have) or increase SL's priority (done in both Loot and manually).  Could that be related?


Pap log is too long to post (server times out and goes to bad gateway), but any ideas off the tops of heads?




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Install Save Game script cleaner from the the nexus.

Open your save. Click Mod editor. Check NonSexlabAnimationPack.esp. Then click Delete selected mod scripts. Save.

Then open your save. Depending on your script speed you should see the MCM updated with 1 new menu message. Open it's MCM and It should be full.

Don't forget to select the mods and reset SexLab's animation registry.

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