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A couple of total newbie questions


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Thanks very much in advance for the help. I hope to learn a lot about this stuff, and then give back to the community. But for now I just need help.


  • I reinstalled skyrim and I don't have a save. I want to start by making a sexy character, and then walk around doing some cool new quests and having some sexy times. Is there a mod that lets me start in a place where I can do this stuff? Like so I dont have to go through a dungeon. There is one but it starts in a super dark stone house --- hard to see character.
  • How do I isntall ENB Realvision.
  • With mod organizer does it matter the order i install mods?\
  • With mod organizer can I delete all my mods and start fresh --- or will my Skyrim files be changed.
  • Is 7base bad cause there are few armors for it? How about UNPB?
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I don't know about most of your questions, but the first, yep.

Have you installed Live Another Life?

I don't know if there are any mods that start you out immediately in a sexual situation, but...

Combine that with immerslave or devious bashnag and that should give you something.

Use Simple Slavery and many of its supported mods put you right into the action (you'll have to get yourself defeated in combat by bandits first).

There are several other mods that might be of interest... check this thread.



p.s. pay attention to those mods requirements. :)

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If you use Live Another Life, chose I'm a patron of an inn, and are using a prostitution mod like TDF then you can start working as a whore right off if you want.


As for ENB's keep in mind that anything not installed in the data directory or below can't be installed with MO, other then that I can't really help you because I don't use it but you should be able to find detailed instructions on it. 


No the order you install mods in MO doesn't matter but the order MO lists them in can matter. MO lets you effectively rearrange the mod install order to however you need it. The left pain shows the mods. Mods at the top can be considered the first installed with mods at the bottom being last. If a mod has a lighting bolt next to it that means files are being overwritten. A + means it's overwriting files from another mod while a - means another mod is overwriting it.


Yes you can delete your mods and start over. MO doesn't change any Skyrim files. In fact you can still play a 100% vanilla Skyrim game while having a heavily moded MO game. This can be helpful in figuring out if your having an issue with your mods or your Skyrim install. 


I don't know about 7base but UNPB has a ton of armor for it but I like to use CBBE because of bodyslide.


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Thanks very much in advance for the help. I hope to learn a lot about this stuff, and then give back to the community. But for now I just need help.


  • Is 7base bad cause there are few armors for it? How about UNPB?



7base bad? There are loads of 7base armour around, don't forget some of it may be listed under sevenbase as well, though many are on asian sites, but if you use firefox, there is a translate page option when you left click the page, which is usually good enough to get the stuff downloaded.


Though there are loads of unpb as well, again many of them are on asian websites, there are also conversion threads here on ll for both unpb and 7base, in fact I think there are a couple for both of them, and of course there is always the nexus site, though since they changed the search function its a bit harder to find things.


This is the main one here that I follow http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20917-sevenbase-conversions-bombshellcleavage-with-bbp/


Though there are armour mods that still have not been converted to anything other than cbbe, unp even now.

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Ugh, ENB.


Out of all the modding you can get into, by far ENB is the most headache inducing. You HAVE to use it if you want to fix a lot of graphical bugs in the base game. As far as making the game look prettier, it'll do that, but if playing at 30 FPS bothers you then you'll do well to turn most of that stuff off.


I have a ENB + SweetFX setup that's much more performance-friendly, if you'd like to give it a spin.



And as for body mods that only have a few armors with no vanilla conversions, I recommend using this mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33902/Let's you the stats from armor you find in-game onto your body-compatible armor for a balanced play experience.

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I followed Sacremas' advice in this thread http://www.loverslab.com/topic/43043-skyrim-modding-guide/ . My installation of RealVision ENB was easy and performs extremely well.  I'm on a mid-level machine, so I opted for the "medium" version and run it with GoS and Tamriel Reloaded HD.  The results are really good for the machine I'm running, and I have excellent FPS.


I loved my old 7B body.  I only went away from it to CBBE because a couple of armor mods needed CBBE and I was too lazy to Bodyslide :)  Frankly, I don't think one can go wrong with any of those 3 bodies.  7B is excellent.



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