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Sexout Breeder Compilation download?


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There was one, in the old thread, but that thread seems dead and gone, and the download is MIA, anyone have a copy of this?  Wanted to poke at it and see how terrible it would be to update it to use the new SCR resources, but it's nowhere to be found.

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A discussion is already going on here



Any request for the files might be better posted where others have already been asking about Breeder. Two of the main parties are already posting there. Pride and Halstrom.




Oh and I have some FNVedit errors that I found from the original and I believe I have some errors that are created with the current Sexout(well now the stable since Pride created a new Beta) and pretty current SCR (not completely since Hal just put out some patches for his Beta) however those should also give some ideas on how serious it would be. Those errors need to be fixed.



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atrix is working on the files to try to fix the problems that Breeder has. Halstrom, and myself is working with him. He is legitimately trying to get things working properly and seems to be making some headway. How far he can go.. only time will tell. However he isn't one of those that didn't pay attention to the OP or instructions.. ;).


AS for the others.. that decided to download and not pay attention to the OP or the several post telling you not to use it with current sexout mods or to report any problems anywhere else but the Breeder thread first.. yea.. what Loogie said.. :D.

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Yes.. and he is doing a pretty good job at it as well. Terring into various aspects and Hal is right on top of it helping him the best he can. Maybe this might get resurrected to a point where the


And this thread's existence is a prime example of how lack of paying attention means all y'all motherfuckers can't be trusted to use a mod with complicated instructions.

will no longer be relevant .. :D Well to a degree. At lest then they would only screw up their own games and not screw up other mods and then expect the authors to try to figure out where they went wrong when they hadn't.

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