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Silly mod identification question.


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Ok, screwed my Fallout NV manual install last week, so have Mod Organized the new install. (working well with slightly less than the max 138 number of mods if you are interested). However I'm missing something totally trivial, (in the scheme of things), in my new setup which was totally pointless but actually made me glad to see it in the previous setup. The thing which is missing is the Motorcycle dealership between Novac and Repconn. Does Anybody know which mod put that in? (If it was Breeder, I understand that's not actually functional anymore).






Ok found which mod it was. Tiz 'CAM - Chems Alcohol and Meds'. (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/50817/?)


I did download the newest version, (i.e. 8), for the new build but had the vortex issue so uninstalled it. Now I've gone back to version 6, (which worked).


(ps sorry for putting this in technical. I was aiming for general discussion but obviously missed).






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I'm pretty sure that it didn't come from user29's breeder as I never saw it when I used it unless you are talking about fertile breeder or the other breeder mod. I have never used either one and the one is now a dead thread. 


Ta, I didn't think it came with breeder, (which ever version). That came with a fire station and a tent in Novac. The thing I am looking for was at the start of the canyon to Repconn just before the billboard. It didn't do anything, as far as I can tell, had a few ghouls inside and was just there. But it would be nice to know what it came with - just for OCD reasons.


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