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3ds Max 2012 nif export help needed


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I am porting a hood from Oblivion and getting "you must specify at least one bone node error" from 3ds Max 2012.  In another similar post from 2013 I got this:



Best Answer Vioxsis, 09 December 2013 - 05:54 AM


This has nothing to do with poly count.


In the skin modifier click add above the list of bones and pick one of the spines, you don't need to assign any weight to it and then export.



I am using 3ds Max for the first time so please do not assume I know anything.  I don't see where the button is.  The skeleton is in place and I have repeated the conversion process about a dozen times and always getting this error.  Attached is my screenshot.




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All hail the mighty Vioxsis!


Anyway, to answer your question I suggest you look up a 3dsmax tutorial on skinning in youtube.


Easiest method to get what you want, import skyrim vanilla head, skinwrap your hood to the vanilla head and copy it's skinning.

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