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New Arrow Anim? Possible?


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Hey people,



I just saw this  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEG-ly9tQGk


and I was wondering if it's possible to place the arrows in the hands for skyrim aswell.  


First: it would remove the ( indeed )  stupid quivers from the body


second: it just looks awesome and makes sense.




Do you think it is possible to do this and if yes you wanna do it? ^^


Just a idea of mine, not more

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Hell yeah, this guy is so awesome! I'm archer myself, as a hobby, and tried it once. It stayed at once.


But if you implement this new Anim, you also should drastically reduce the "load time" of the bows, but raise the spreading of the arrows. This technique was used on short distances or against huge armys, where missing technically was impossible ;)


OK, saw the video again, if you're really a master, the distance is irrelevant. So maybe, if possible lower the spreading with raising archery skill? Maybe tie it to the archery perk tree?

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NOoO, ZaZ you'll have whole Riverwood chasing you!


You know, chickens in Skyrim are like cows in India, don't touch them or you'll get imprisoned and punished hard and often!


Funny Cause , I Hail from the latter and I love beef :P 

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but I am serious. I am anoyed by the quivers  ^^   Someone with a heart and skills gotta work on this! :o:heart:


Though the bad thing is: many of those guys had only a few arrows in their hand, but the rest within quivers of different styles (I think they even had already some kind of quiver tied to the bow). So you'll not get completely rid off that thingy.


Only if the archers were relatively static (so at big fights), they had no quivers but stuck their arrows in the earth in front of them.

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Basically yes. So the question was if someone could build up an animation, where the PC already holds several arrows in his pulling hand. So he puts the arrow at the bow WHILE pulling the bowstring and takes the next arrow directly after letting go, all in one smooth transitional movement.


This technique is very rare nowadays, but if you're good at it, it's a hell more faster and a lot more precise.

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