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khajiits have no tail


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Ok i have discovered that this effects both genders of khajiit. so i wanted to see if reinstalling the xp32 skeleton but that didnt help so the next thing i tried uninstalling cloaks of skyrim still nothing. I have also tried uninstalling wearable hdt tails and sos  but that still had no effect. Im kinda out of ideas of what could be causing this to happen. Feel free to ask questions ill try my best to ask them is you have anything that might remotely help all is welcome.

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It's yer custom armor bro......Put regular armor on & the tail will magically reappear!




The armor Im using is the remodeled armor for cbbe by ChronoTrigger77 on the nexus here It wasnt an issue before or i dont remember it being an issue before im not sure on that last part


*edit* tried uninstalling it still had no tail

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