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  1. The Nuka World DLC adds TONS (literally) of that stuff. It's not animated though.
  2. BoS Medic: "Have you ever had sexual relations with anything other than human?" VD: "You get that often enough to have a question about it?" BoS: "You'd be amazed at how many wastelanders said YES to that question." What kind of cure did you have in mind, and what's the delivery?
  3. "Better Settlers" adds random clothing & makes them look younger.
  4. You have a spectator mod installed, obviously, since the base game rarely does this.
  5. Um, you DO know that the base game (NO MODS!) has cannibalism, right?
  6. Um, I hate to tell you this, but you didn't actually fix the problem. The file you altered is from Ulfberth's mod, not BP70's mod. It only works if you have Ulfberth's mod installed. Otherwise, your fix does nothing, because that file literally does not exist. The file you seek is rxl_bp70_anims_animationdata.xml
  7. Pretty sure yer futa has to be a male in order for you to impregnate her.
  8. Ok, I've hit a snag......I need to swap the face skin & not sure how to do it. Her face has too much pink, but deleting the face skin makes the white girls too dark.
  9. Ok, if yer coming from a 4-Play build, AAF stuff won't work. (At least, not any more). So you'd need to remove all of Vinfamy's mods & replace them with AAF versions.
  10. You can try this file. It's originally meant to fix her face after a mod went haywire, but it may reset all of her attributes. Of course, this should be dead last in your load order! VH Piper Fix.rar
  11. I've already tested my method on one of my mods & it works great, as the pic above shows!
  12. I will be creating a mod that uses BOTH FG skins. I will add the original FG skin which caters to folk with melanin to all black females in the game. This is an insane task, but I'm up for it. As you can see in the pic, pink nipples on african queens just looks horrid. The only real snag I foresee is what to do about spawn able women...... .
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