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  1. Yup. I went into the game's BA2 mesh files & grabbed every set of gloves & hands I could find, and installed them MANUALLY. This fixed the problem immediately.
  2. Can't load nifs at all, nor 3D Max......Without meshes, I'm dead in the water.......
  3. I make my body with zero sliders, then take the nipple length slider to 50% so she appears excited to see me. So imagine my surprise when my nips shrivel & she suddenly has boobs the size of Mt Olympus when I put shoes on her (Dickey). Or, she turns into a vanilla shaped anorexic body with no nips at all when I put on shoes (EasyGirl). Other clothing doesn't do this, and it's not the converter's fault, either. Apparently, these are problems these clothes have had from the beginning. (I tested the original CBBE versions)
  4. ALERT Found another bugg......vTaw6 Conversion. If you wear the high heels, her body disappears!
  5. WARNING (ACHTUNG!) Bodies are not set to default bodies on the shoes of Dickey & EasyGirl. How to test: Go into Bodyslide & make FG chubby & save. Go into the game, and the EasyGirl shoes & Dickey shoes still show a Zero slider girl. Remove the shoes & she is chubby again! So, there is a non-default body attached to the shoes of Dickey & EasyGirl. Can we get a fix plz? EDIT: The bodies attached to these shoes also have no nipples, for some reason???!!! (Totally creeped out by that.....)
  6. Well 3D Max is the preferred software, but it's hella expensive, and while the student version is free, it only works for 60 days & then goes tits up. Therefore, many people have converted to Blender, which is free. You will also need Niftools, which allows you to make the meshes the game needs to read. Finally, you'll need the AAF Animation Software to make the nif files interact with each other.
  7. You know, we really need a titty sucking animation, both male & female. 1, 2, 3, & 4 people, sucking away. It would be especially handy for our version of "Milk Mod Economy" called "Wasteland Dairy Framework"........
  8. Frustrated.,......It seems that no matter what version of Niftools & Blender I choose, I can't get them to work together!
  9. I've been asking Ego for a gangbang option to his various mods FOR YEARS. Well, Ego is no longer around, so that will never happen unless another modder takes up the challenge.
  10. I bet it's a script file......Look in your Scripts folder for files that don't belong.
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