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How do I have sex?

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How do i get my Skyrim character to have sex using the sexlab framework?

The only mod that allows me to have sex is animated prostitution.


Could you please recommend some popular and high quality sex mods with good animations and female squirting?

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SexLab MatchMaker for spell-based initiation of sex animations

SexCrop for item-based initiation of sex animations

or SexLab Romance for dialogue-based initiation of sex animations.


I'm sure there's more - follow WLM4's advice and take a look at Espada's SexLab Index.

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And Animated Prostitution can fuck up SexLab mods as well.


The SL Framework by itself doesn't allow sex. You need to add mods (and their requirements) to have sex. Go to the downloads section and look around for something you'd like.


Should I disable or uninstall AP?

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Yes, ditch AP. Make sure every last bit is removed, too. When I first discovered this site and it's awesome mods I was using AP and had problems getting everything to work properly until I got rid of AP (and eventually had to reinstall Skyrim, but that was before I discovered Mod Organizer and was using NMM and manual install methods).


You won't need or want AP once you have SL mods working. There are a couple different prostitution mods, rape mods, bestiality, combat sex, and who knows what else available. And the AP animations are included with the SL Framework along with a ton of far better animations. You'll forget all about AP in a day or less. :lol:

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