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CBBE armor on a UNP body


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I currently use UNP Skinny.  However, I want to use this mod http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11292 for CBBE slim.  I actually don't plan to use the torso armor, but just the ankle and wrist cuffs.  However, would there be any texture misalignment issues from doing so?  In other words, do UNP and CBBE use the same hand and foot files, or at the very least, are they similar enough as to not have issue?  I know for a fact that vanilla shoes that show feet or toes must have a compatibility patch to work with UNP shoes of the same without texture misalignment, and on this image http://static-7.nexusmods.com/15/mods/110/images/11292-4-1330226349.jpg you can see a clear texture misalignment on Lydia's feet.

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it is possible * but * you'll always have graphic errors (hip stripe, shifted nipples)!

So it is always better to use only outfits for his body type. ;)


edit: Lydia's feet are not a error it's Vanilla feet.



edit 2: This image is very old, it's Vanilla body!
go look at the right hand of the khajiit, there is a huge gap!



this is the body that is used in your picture.

Nude Females by Thepal






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Well, not even for the piercings, just the cuffs.  Anyway, I'll make a formal request later.

Hi there.


I don't play Skyrim since a few months , but try the Gerra6 's " Clothing Converter" because ... that's not the purpose of this tool , but you can convert something to work with another texture ... i mean you can use an UNP or CBBE body with an CBBE or UNP texture !


I did it by accident by the past .


So in other words you will get a CBBE model and this one working ( well ) with an UNP texture ( or vice-versa ).





I did it with an old previous version ( probably the version 0.72 ) and if i remember well i put the model there somewhere is this topic ... sorry i'm on another computer these days and i cannot search for this converted mesh i created by accident .

That wasn't the purpose of my test , but it's good to know ....


NB : that was just a test and i only made it for the _1.nif mesh , not the _0 one .



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