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what mods to avoid?


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There are no "typical" mods to avoid.


For example, I avoid MBP++ like the pest, but other people on the LL boards warmly recommend it. It all boils down to personal preferences, how much you're willing to cope with its unwanted side-effects (and sometimes bugs), and especially how much effort you're willing to commit to get comfortable in using the mod (and maybe tweak it more to your liking).


If you are of the "download and launch!!" crowd, without ever reading documentation, you better stick to (very) simple mods, that's really all.



PS : There is no save-game corruption happening directly because of the <Oblivion XP> mod. If you have evidence proving otherwise, please provide it.

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Unlike Skyrim, Oblivion does not save scripts into your savegame.

There are, however, mods that can cause savegame bloat or corruption.


These two issues will commonly be placed in a "Known Issues" section at a mod's description page, or be warned about in the comments section. If both are clear of warnings about such things, the mod should be safe to use.


This does not, however, mean you can have as many scripts actively running as you please; go too crazy with those and your game will overload and crash just like any other game in the world.

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There's a few only ones that stand out as really buggy are Choices and Consequences and those crowded npc mods, though it isn't so much as buggy as resource overload on the latter. Read a lot about Reneer's Guard mod being buggy but never used it.


Latest Oblivion XP (look for update) should be ok, old version had a bloat bug when you poisoned someone.

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Alright, since I didn't start the whole thing, here is another mod I would not recommend :


<CM Partners> or whatever it's called (not the companions, the framework itself).


But MBP++ largely remains number 1 on my list of what one probably could find in better, less bloated and less buggy elsewhere ^.^

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