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Is there really no way to make a idle animation player-only?


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Without using custom races as asked by this mod : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14871/?


I just don't like npcs not recognizing my race, and also I like vanilla's races ^^


I know all characters shares the same animations but isn't it possible to tell the game to use a specific animation for the player only?

Kind of weird to see old hags with sexy idles animations and all females too for that matter.

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 and i think they are separated by race internally.

^dis guy is high as shit.


Sadly I don't know the answer without excluding "no custom race". Custom Races adds separate vanilla races so you could still play as your furry cats and be recognized as a furry cat, but it still is technically a custom race.


If you're looking for a compromise, you can find mods that force old people to use vanilla animations, and combine it with FNIS Sexy Move.

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Well I think there's no such mod that can force npcs to use vanilla animations.

So if I understood this right, with the custom races mod I could play as a redguard, use the same preset face and still be recognized as a redguard? Like the guards saying " stay out of trouble redguard", or when I'll be a werewolf would I still be recognized as a werewolf despite using a custom race? ( thinking of Arkon dialogue and the werewolves in Solstheim)

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I hope this isn't derailing too much.


Does anyone know of some good idle animation pose mods? It seems the only sizeable one I've found is the "Pretty" series.

Just looking for a bit more variety in some resting animations with some slight movement.

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