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SexLab and disabling expressions

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I have noticed that when one disables expressions in SexLab, all this does is turn off the expressions SexLab might otherwise implement.  The faces of the actors are still locked for the duration, so that for example anything applied with the likes of Facial Expressions Project gets shut down once the animation begins, and one cannot apply a new expression until the animation ends.


Did I miss a setting, or is this something that might need to be looked into for future revisions?


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What version of SexLab are you using? Older versions would reset the expression entirely before applying either the SexLab sexpression or open mouth mfg presets. I don't have time to look back at what version I changed this. In currently released 1.59c and 1.60 development builds, if you have expressions disabled the ONLY thing SexLab itself will periodically reset in relation to facial animation is expression 16 (combat shout) or phoneme 1 (BigAah) are over 100 and 40 respectively, depending on if the animation being played requires the actor to open their mouth or not (such as in oral animations). 

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