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I'm an idiot, please help?


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I am currently having trouble with Skyrim where it crashes whenever I use a certain feature of a mod, and since I'm new to this and idiot, I was hoping you guys could help out.

My current mods are as follows:

Xp32 Maximum Skeleton Extrended

A quality World Map

Adult toys merchant: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24421

Fores new idles with Creatures

Hdt Physics Extensions

Immersive first person view


Real Clouds

Sexlab Framework with: Submit, Werewolves, and Aroused

Shlongs of Skyrim

Splash of Rain

Unofficial Skyrim patch

UNP Blessed Body


Now the problem I have is that Whenever I try to submit the game crashes( shuts off ). now I'm new to this and an idiot so if I missed information or need to do something to further extrapolate my problem then by all means, tell me.



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Is it crashing when they are trying to get naked? If so try reinstalling SOS and make sure nothing overwrites the skeleton that is in it. 2nd I see that you are using a body with BBP/TBBP does the skeleton you are using support BBP/TBBP and is it compatible with the body? Do you crash when you try to remove your players armor/clothes? If so then I would look at what skeleton you are using.

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