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I thought about why I was using a mod to totally disable bards' automatic playing, and I realized that it wasn't because I disliked the idea of such a feature (I think it's actually quite immersive, more so than ambient tavern music). It was because of two reasons:

1) I dislike the bards' music (both singing and instrumentals)

2) The audience gathering and clapping scene is obnoxious and can actually disrupt scenes that I am interested in.


So, what does this mod do?

- Changes to Bard Scenes to either skip dialogue in favour of replacement (songs) or to redirect sounds to new files (instrumental).

- Change to script (SF_BardAudienceQuestScene_00108ED5) for Bard Audience Scene to cause it to end as soon as it attempts to start.


Bards will now randomly (not equally randomly, but approximately enough) choose songs from a custom directory to play. This applies to bards' instrumental music and singing music (they both select from the same pool of files).


How do you customize your music?

Installing the mod, you'll see that a new folder is added (Data\Sounds\fx\DAIBard). This folder contains 20 silent .xwm files. Replace them with your own music (converted to .xwm) and remember to rename them appropriately. The first 10 tracks ("Track01.xwm", "Track02.xwm", ..., "Track10.xwm") are for female bards (so put female-voiced songs in those slots); the last 10 ("Track11.xwm", "Track12.xwm", ..., "Track20.xwm") are for male bards (so put male-voiced songs in those slots); if you don't really care, then just duplicate you first ten tracks and rename them.


Why is stuff in this mod prefixed by "DAI"?

I originally made this to replace the Vanilla bard songs with bard songs from Dragon Age: Inquisition. And, I personally, like the first, sixth, and ninth tracks a lot. If your interested in those tracks, Bioware is giving them out for free for a limited time (until February 9, 2015): http://www.dragonage.com/en_US/news/inquisition-tavern-songs-giveaway


Notes about the result of this mod

You'll find that the bards will still select their instruments (Lute, Flute, Drum, Voice) based on the original track that was going to be played, but your custom track will be played instead. They will still animate (if applicable). They will not lip-sync the new track (nor will they lip-sync at all).




- Initial release.


- Tracks played are now dependent on the bard's gender. Tracks 01 to 10 make up the female bard songs pool, and tracks 11 to 20 make up the male bard songs pool.

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TY for heads up to Dragon Age music, I just downloaded them and they are wonderful. ^^


But how can I convert them into .xwm ? I also wanna put them into Skyrim, so i will not have to kill the bards in my game anymore. xD


Edit: Ok I managed to convert them into .xwm . ^^

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Nicely done. (I haven't played Dragon Age: Inquisition, but the free download of tavern music was a nice pointer.)


However... Is there anyway you can have two folders? One for male singers and one for female? I know due to my lootification setup I get the occasional bearded bloke in a frock sitting around in a tavern, but for some reason having a male bard singing in a female voice is a bit weird.

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  • 1 year later...

This is probably the best mod I have found, and I have 116, FNIS, SKSE,DYnolod,  all that crap.  Great Job!!!!!  The only real complaint is that I can't adjust volume of barbs which means his voice gets over powered by LIAT.  And good lord I would love it if you could give 5-10 more songs for each gender.  I understand there is probably a reason for that though.  Also found it kind of odd that when I downloaded it; it showed up as a solitare game for windows.  Minor gripes.  I love this thing.  Finding women/Men who sounded the same and fit this kind of genre was a bit of a challenge.  But it works so well.  If anyone is reading this trying to figure out if you want it or not. DO IT!!!!  The only major flaw I can see, that you will have, is that it takes away the barbs ability to lip sync.  So no singing; They still play instruments just not all the time.  And if you run it with "LIvely INNs and taverns".  Then Audio of bard pretty much gets drowned out by crowd noise.  But you can go to the taverns when its not busy from 4am-5pm and hear the barb sing your songs.  Awesome is only way to describe it!!! Thank you again!!!  I don't write post a lot, but this a top ten mod for me.

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  • 1 year later...

This is one heck of a necro, but...my female bard songs aren't playing. They 'try' to - pull out an instrument, then they stop, it disappears and they lower their arms. My male bard songs work fine, though. Looking at TES5Edit, the male bard songs have their own thing (DAIBard_M01) whereas the female's edit the official/vanilla things (BardSongsFlute01), but really I don't have much of a clue in what to do.


Help, anyone?

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  • 2 months later...

thx for the mod .female bards repeating song after 3 song .is it limited to 3 song per bard or there is another catch ,if there was option of selecting songs individually ,like alocating songs to each instruments .so 9 song for 3 instrument & another 3 for voice that would be great 

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  • 6 years later...

Thank you very much for this. I ported it to my SE game , picked 20 of my fave tunes and converted them to xwm, did a test in game and it works perfectly. Now no more dodgy bard songs and the animations play for the whole song length which is great and I don't mind about the mouths not moving, it would be nice if I could get them to work but it's a minor trade off.  I have wanted something like this for freaking years. Thank you :) 

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