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About porting files from Oblivion


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Hi, i am opening this topic because i need your help. I would be very grateful if you could help me.


The problem is that i would like to transfer Inari Race mod ( with the optional head texture) , made by Hidemaro from Oblivion to Skyrim.





Else, an easyer way would be to simply put the animated ears and tail from the Inari mod to a normal male/female character of Skyrim, creating a new "race" that at the end is default race + Hidemaro's animated fox ears and tail.



Now, i'm not asking if some of you could do it ( even if it would greatly help), what i'm asking you is how can i do it.


Regrettably, i don't have much free time. So, i can't afford to learn all the things about modding...i need only to learn things related to what i'm asking in this post.


So, what programs should i use?  How can i create a new race? How can i add Hidemaro's animated fox tail and fox ears? How can i transfer things from Oblivion to Skyrim?



I'm a newbie in modding, i know it. But i'm not lacking the will to learn, only i don't have time to learn all about modding. I need only to learn what i need to do th things i'm asking you here in this topic.


Thank you.

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Oh, are you saying that it's impossible to port things from Oblivion to Skyrim? Because if the problem is only the animation, i think it would be good enough porting the fox tail and ears without making them animated.


Still, the problem remain : i don't know how to do it. As i said, i'm only a newbie willing to learn but that at the moment know 0.

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