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Multiple body models


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Does anyone have any experience with or recommendations for using multiple bodies at once? I really don't like that every female out there have the same body when I rip off those clothes, I like to be surprised. Currently I'm using UNPB simply for it's variance in female breasts depending on weight, but I would love some more varied, I'd love to see Housecarls and Aela with UNPB high values and Sporty Sexy muscle map, Uthgrerdt the Unbroken and some Orcs with TIgersan, Ysolda and general city dwelling soft girls with CBBE, wood elves with skinny and thin models like Litheria, and so on. I'd also like to see a similar variance in male forms but that's not as important for now, but basically some men being hairy, some being fat, some being bodybuilder, some being skinny farts.


Note that clothes and armor don't really matter for much with this, so don't take it into consideration, I'm either able to use mostly 'vanilla' stuff that's fairly all-covering or just ignore it. Also note that this applies only to my female partners and NPCs, I'm good with using mostly the same UNPB look every time to fit into the stuff that I need to fit into when playing females.


I know there's some randomizer mods out there but I got warned away from them in the past. How do they work with Sexlab mods? If it's "not well at all" I'll just give this up as that kinda defeats half the purpose. :P

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You might like to try Unique Everything. You can not only set up unique bodies and textures for every race if you want to,if you use a plug-in file,you can assign a unique armor path for every race and whatever gender combinations you have so there won't be any compatibility problems related to armors. It takes a bit of work and it needs a decent bit of VRAM(don't try it with a weak or old PC or you might end it crippling its poor little graphics card) but the end result is worth it.

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My computer is actually over three years old but weak and poor graphics card? How does a nVidia GTX 580 8 Gig double fan card so big it needs strips inside the case to hold it up sound? ;)


Thanks a lot for the link, I'll check it out!

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