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Best Bondage/Slavery Mods for Game Playthrough?


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I just got a brand new computer after finally letting go of my old bomb(thing ran for 9 years without a hitch, and was still going strong after I upgraded pretty much everything in it to the mainboard's max.. No complaints), and I'm really itching to dive into Skyrim in my spare time. I last played it a couple of years ago, just barely playing around with some mods but not doing much. Now I'm looking for the real deal since I can now run graphics on high and not have memory issues with lots of mods installed.


I've got a bunch of tabs open at the moment searching through and installing mods in an effort to make Skyrim as (comparatively)realistic as I can, and to ramp up the difficulty to Dark Souls levels(I've already found some great stuff in the GEMS collection), and once I get done with all this(it'll likely take awhile, as I'm a modding noob), I'll be looking into some adult mods.


So here's the meat of what I'm trying to do: from what little I played around with some of the bondage/slavery mods for the player awhile back, I absolutely love them, and I want to incorporate them into my game.  However, I'm not looking to just install the mods and then purposefully get captured, but have them as an interesting(and extremely sexy) alternative to 'permadeath' mechanics found in rogue-like games. I want to start a game like normal(with a female character), and actually play through it(dungeon drawling, questing etc.), with the caveat that if I get captured, I continue playing as a captive/slave(no cheap restarts). Needless to say if you want to stay free in this setup you must be extremely careful and pick battles carefully, which is something I love about games where death has steep consequences. It makes you play carefully and deliberately, rather than with somewhat mindless hack and slashing.


So finally here's my question:  which player bondage/slavery mods would you recommend for someone wanting to play through the game in earnest, with being captured an unfortunate(but interesting and sexy) consequence of screwing up?


(And by bondage/slavery mods I'm talking about Defeat, Submit, Sanguine's Debauchery etc. I'm not well versed on the details of each and what else is out there that's similar, but that gives an idea.)



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I play in a similiar way (expect without new pc) and especially recommend the following mods:


-Daymoyl + addon

This is the mod that triggers most of the consequences mods like SD+ and Defeat now. And it has some nice standard scenarios on its own, especially a special one for getting defeated by falmers or vampires. I personally set vanilla Daymoyl to kick in about 40% of the time, this means no sex, just getting robbed etc., and defeat and sd+ sharing the other 60%.


-Defeat + deviously captured addon

If defeated you get raped and probably also robbed, maybe "gifted" with some devious devices afterwards



My favorite slavery mod, Skyrimll has updated it very often recently, getting better and better


-Deviously cursed loot

So much fun, every time you loot something there is a chance to trigger a bad event, lots of unique devious devices made for the mod.

Now also with a nice prostitution part, and the escape mechanics from the devices are great too, searching keys or whatever else is needed to get unlocked is just fun


-Deviously helpless

If you are bound helplessly this mod makes nearby enemies abuse you, rob you, "gift" you with further restraints


-More devious quests

Fun NPC comments based on devices you wear and your sex actions, and offers fun quests to earn money while bound helplessly.


-Prison overhaul

Makes prison time really "fun".


-Sexlab sexslaves

Nice quests, if you succeed you get your own dungeon. But during the quests you can get into traps and the enemies are quite tough. Mainly rather a player slaver than player slavery mod though currently, more player slavery content is planned for the future.


-Estrus Chaurus+

Makes the chaurusses (or is the plural chauri?) more mean, they will rape you with estrus animations and might even impregnate you.


-Captured Dreams

The quests are just great, especially the second main quest. And the basic shop features/radiant quests are very well done too.


Additionally you need the frameworks of course like ZAZ animation pack, sexlab aroused etc, but they are all in the requirements sections for the mods above, so i don't list them.


Very mentionable are also Maria Eden, Wolfclub, Slaverun and Slaves of Tamriel - Mining slave. I am not using them currently mainly because of early stages, but plan to do in another playthrough.



To make things even more interesting there are lots of nice other mods you can add like Skooma Whore,Animal Manson, Apropos or Wear&Tear for exactly the latter effect, a needs mod like RND, Frostfall, the milkmod and a prostitution mod like Working Girl or TDF.

They all add additional problems, and many have nice interactions and even support with the before mentioned mods or at least indirectly enchance the experience.

For example SD+ has options to beg for food, clothing or drinks while enslaved, but you can also get forcefed with skooma.

Frostfall makes getting defeated even more dangerous, and having to sleep,eat&drink constantly drags money from you, often forcing you out into the wilderness early while not yet ready.


Finally it might be wise to set yourself a few houserules to not abuse some balance problems of Skyrim, i personally don't use alchemy at all because it gives just too much profit and potions and use other skills like smithing only sparingly.


P.S.: Welcome to LL :)

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@jap2015 I wondered if there was an index for sexlab mods. That'll be useful. Also, man there's a lot of info in the STEP article. I'll be sure to keep it open in another tab when I'm adding mods. Lots of helpful info here. And thanks for the welcome. Glad to be here :-)


@xboronx Now that's about the best response related to the specific mod type I mentioned I could've hoped for. Seems we share a preferred play style. I had no idea so many mods existed that add kinky elements to little aspects of the game. I'll likely put in pretty much every mod you mentioned here(not sure about Estrus Chaurus. Can impregnation be disabled?). Prison Overhaul seems like it would be ideal for a thief/criminal character playthrough(though it fits with any playthrough). If combined with a mod that improves/toughens the sneaking mechanic, I imagine it would be quite an enjoyable challenge.


As for Sexlab Sexslaves, while I'm not into having a character who keeps slaves, I'll certainly keep it in mind for the other aspects of the mod that you mention.


I'm on the same page regarding the various needs mods and other mods that add dynamic difficulty increases. One of the problems with Vanilla Skyrim(and Oblivion and Morrowind) as always been that once you find one of the many easy ways to make money, before you know it it's as abundant as it is in the GTA series, without much effort. I agree there needs to be a regular realistic drain on resources like in RL, such that more difficult gameplay decisions have to be made, like you describe.


As for houserules, I agree. Many years ago I played Morrowind, and probably spent 500 hours on that thing(I was a kid at the time). It was probably to me what Baldur's Gate was to so many in the '90's. Anyway, one of the abandoned mines I came across in the grey, ashy eastern area of Vvardenfell had a daedric dai-katana laying on the ground inside. Once I'd found it, I could kill pretty much anything that moved across the entire game, provided I had some long blade skill. From then on out, I had the option of starting up a new game and at level 1, dodging some creatures across the wilderness and going and getting that sword at the beginning, thus all but breaking the game and rendering it pointlessly easy.


Long story short, I pretended the sword didn't exist in subsequent playthroughs. :P


Regarding Skyrim, I wasn't aware of the balance issues in alchemy, as I haven't really gone into it during my short time playing the game, but I'll look into it, and likely avoid it unless I can find a mod that circumvents the problems you outlined. Same way with smithing.


In Vanilla Skyrim, as well as Oblivion and Morrowind, a huge balance problem I came across was paralysis spells, to an extent that I stopped using them in my games. Once you get a good one, combined with something fairly strong to whack at the disabled enemy, and a fairly large/fast regenerating magicka pool to keep up the spells, game difficulty drops off tremendously.


A separate issue that I'll have to figure out is how to implement a combat mod like Requiem or Ultimate Combat in with the captivity/slavery mods. When I briefly tried it awhile back the combat mods all but broke the slavery mods, because enemy blows simply did so much damage that it overrode the buffer in place before PC death so the character can be captured, plus whip strikes from a master would often kill my character 0.0. On the other hand I very much want the type of combat offered by such mods, namely the type that's reminiscent of Dark Souls, where striking/block/dodging at the right time is hugely important in winning battles, such that you can't just go in mindlessly whacking, again for realism reasons.


Do you use combat modifiers, and if so how do you make it work with the captive/slave mods?


"P.S.: Welcome to LL" Thank you. Glad to have found the community!



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This is a timely thread!  I've been a Skyrim fanatic since it was released some 5 years ago, but only recently have I gotten bored enough with the Vanilla + DLCs that I looked into LL mods.  I have to say, it's re-energized my enjoyment of Skyrim beyond anything I thought possible.  I started over and now have a level 27 prostitute/animal lover who has haunted about every inn in Skyrim for clients :)


My best advice to you is to go slow -- if  you find a new mod you want to add, install that one only (READ the instructions and follow them carefully) and never trust your mod manager to put things where they all belong - that's happened to me recently with an armor mod I installed and subsequently, half the NPCs I ran into were wearing invisible parts.  It took me a full day of disabling/starting the game before I found the problem.  I never did find the misplaced meshes/textures that the mod screwed up.


About the capture/RP mods:  This, too, was a new experience for me.  I must not have the right mindset, because the first time my girl tried to run across country naked, she was raped by a bear, 3 spiders and a sabre cat (so far, so good, I asked for it :) ) before finding Robber's Gorge where 6 bandits captured her and had their way with her.  Again, it was what I was after.  But then they put her in restraints and blindfold and she could not open inventory, fast travel, or even move without going into first-person (totally black) and running blindly down the road, depending on the sound of her clip-clop horse boots to tell her if she'd run into water or grass.  Pulling back into 3rd person, I saw that a giant was approaching and I panicked.  I couldn't struggle free of the restraints.  I couldn't get away.  I decided that was the limit of my tolerance for being so helpless so I disabled the mods and went back to just using the Sex Guild, Random Sex and Animal Mansion mods.


Being captured and gang-raped like that was "fun" (as fantasy), but without a way to escape the bonds and use inventory/fast travel, it became nothing more than tedium.


Good luck and let us know if you find another mod that does what you want.  I'm still looking, myself.


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Combat modifiers are actually not that much of a problem any more. Instead of triggering when your character drops below X% hitpoints, a lot of sex mods have settings for Death Alternative: Your Money Or Your Life. DAYMOYL has a system where your character goes into Bleedout mode when your hit point bar is fully drained, and after that into Blackout mode when a second Bleedout bar is fully drained. Certain sex through defeat mods like SexLab Defeat, SexLab Submit and Sanguine's Debauchery+ have triggers that kick in when a character enters Blackout mode (or Bleedout mode if you choose, or Bleedout can be skipped sending your character straight into Blackout mode), instead of the usual DAYMOYL effects. You can set probabilities for each of them, so failing in battle can have positive (a friendly character comes to save you, or someone brought you to a temple) or negative (the bandits decide to keep you around full-time as a slave in SD+, or just decide to pass you around for a while before leaving you dressed up like a Christmas present) outcomes.


Through MCM menus, a lot of mods are customizable to the point where you can diminish (or just down-right nullify, or increase) the chances for events you really do not find enjoyable, creating your own difficulty setting as you go. You can have a mod not apply blindfolds or armbinders for instance, to make sure your gameplay doesn't come to a full stop. As for me personally, I really don't like the look of chastity bras (and the way they often clip through clothing) so I always disable those :). I kept blindfolds active, but reduced the density to about 60%. The screen is darkened a fair bit, and blurred, but I can still see vague shapes and such so I can keep playing.


You'll definitely have to give escape options some thought, because a lot of mods don't supply any (or don't have them enabled by default). Without running at least one of those, you might find yourself trapped in devices with no way of getting out of them. The two main mods that give you ways out of Devious Devices that I can think of are Deviously Cursed Loot and Devious Devices: For The Masses, both of which can randomly spawn keys (drop rate is configurable in MCM, so you can make it as easy or difficult as you like). Captured Dreams also has a (rather expensive) way to have devices removed from you... with a twist if you cannot afford the removal costs.


As far as slavery mods go, the only one that has really worked well for me is Sanguine's Debauchery+ 3.0. There are some other mods that are worth keeping an eye on, Maria Eden in particular. I never quite got it to work well on my machine, but that could very well my machine not being able to handle the amount of scripts on top of the rest of my mod list. Also, the requirement of ApachiiFemaleHair made me a bit sad as that mod slows the character creation menu down horribly for me. Shouldn't be a problem for your new rig though, so give it a go :). There's a fair bit of content for it, and is still actively being developed.


My final recommendation is that you get Mod Organizer. I haven't been using it yet myself, but once I'm done with my current playthrough I'm getting rid of NMM and am switching to MO. MO's main upside is that it doesn't add any files to your default Steam\Skyrim\Data folder, but creates a profile with all relevant mod data in there. This means you can make several profiles, each with their own mod list and switch between those on the fly. In case you have one hardcore slavery character that (basically) was never meant to make it all the way to the end of the game, you can pick that profile and be enslaved for a while when it strikes your fancy. When you just want to play the game for a while, go for a profile without the heavily punishing mods and just play the game without being ground to a full halt every 30 minutes.


Good luck, and let us know what mods you decide to go with! Perhaps others will find inspiration in it :).


Edit: Forgot to add that you should also keep an eye on whether you want your items to be stolen or not on defeat. Some mods steal part of your items (one even 'drops' your weapon by default, good luck finding it back in the high grass!), and getting it back can be a real hassle.

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-Pregnancy in Estrus Chaurus can be disabled.


-I don't know about mods that increase the difficulty of sneaking. I get my bounties mainly either through working for the dark brotherhood or as critical failure punishment during solitication via cursed loot.


-Unfortunately i only started with Elder Scrolls with Skyrim, at the Morrowwindtime i was a huge Gothic 1/2 fan and found Morrowwind a bit less fun, so i skipped it and Oblivion.


-Alchemy is too easy, once you leveled the trait only a bit and took a couple of perks you can simply buy nearly any alchemy ingredient and sell potions for a huge profit.


-I'm not using many combat overhauls, only deadly dragons and asis, since i somehow like the vanilla Skyrim system, expect for difficulty issues. Currently i'm quite happy though. Many people here seem to enjoy especially Requiem though, and Skyrimll always plays with it and says there are no serious problems if my faulty memory remembers correctly.


-Your weapon game break problem you describe from Morrowwind would probably be not such a big issue with Skyrim if you use the more evil settings of cursed loot/defeat etc. regarding weapon stealing. So unless you really manage to never get defeated at all you always risk losing the weapon forever.



Finally i forgot one very nice mod:

Stobors devious cidna mine, makes the forsworn conspiracy quest much better.



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After some bluster, griping, raging etc. trying to make everything work with mods I had installed with both NMM and Mod Organizer, I retrieved my computer from outside my backyard window and finally decided to wipe away the mods I had installed with NMM and start from scratch with Mod Organizer. I just could not get the damn game to start, and when it did, I got numerous crashes. Entirely my fault, and likely could have been fixed by going through Gopher's excellent videos, but I wanted to start organized, so I did a do-over.


I finally have most of the regular(non-adult) mods up and running that sets me up for a good start, I think. Patches, fixes, graphics improvements, weather additions, unofficial expansion packs, an overhaul, realism mods(frostfall, RNAD etc.) and some more stuff. I'll likely add more as I come across it, but I'm in a good position. Now I'm moving on to LL mods.


@halieslade Haha you sound like you're having fun. Thanks for the advice. I learned that the hard way, both during my time over the past days modding Skyrim, and the time I spent awhile back trying to mod Oblivion. The dependencies always get ya. There's a mod you want, but it has 4 mods it depends on, which themselves have mods they depend on, and so on. It often cascades into chaos. I'd say that's a big part of the learning curve for something like this. It takes a little time to get used to.


I'll certainly be giving updates. Hopefully it'll help some fellow noobs like myself :D


@Lantera Now that's a nifty feature, having a bunch of similar mods run through a central means of controlling them/making them work together. I quite like the ability to give features from certain mods more or less influence over gameplay outcomes. I'll look into a setup with DAYMOYL.


Out of the restraint removal options you list, I'm most fond of Captured Dreams, judging by both your description and that of the mod itself. I'll likely go with that. But overall I'll keep in mind the need to avoid proverbial brick walls to gameplay. Some experimentation might be needed.


I'll try out Maria Eden. I've never hear of it, but I'm sure it's worth a shot. And as for having trouble getting some things to work on a given machine, I hear ya. A couple of years ago when I tried modding Skyrim on my Dell Dimension e521(my old rig), I had problems making the character creation menu respond at all without crashing. Mods that added some sort of new game mechanic would constantly give memory usage errors and spontaneously stop functioning. Crash after crash to desktop etc. All this initially caught me off guard because the hardware I did have met the Vanilla game's requirements, but it turns out even moderate modding drastically spikes those up to levels you don't expect, with adverse consequences. Thanks for the recommendation :)


I've been using Mod Organizer for the past few days(I had to take a short break on Monday). As I laid out earlier in this post I decided to start over after trying to cobble together a partial modding job using Nexus, to more mods using Mod Organizer, because I was too lazy to go through the diagnostic procedure needed to sort out my numerous errors and crashes. It's all sorted now, and I quite like MO over Nexus anyway. I'd always used Nexus prior, and so I didn't really think about changing until I had a look at the STEP guide an earlier poster suggested. Good switch.


Having items stolen on defeat/capture is an appealing function to me in those situations. I'll check the menus though to see how the given mods I'm using handle it.


This is a lot of useful info. Much appreciated mate :)


@xboronx One of the reasons I loved Morrowind so much I believed is that I'd never really played anything like it before. At 12 years old I'd been used to action-adventure/FPS/platformers on the Playstation 1 and 2. The RPGs I'd played were pretty much confined to the Final Fantasy games and similar. Eastern RPGs(FF7 is one of my favorite games mind you, but for different reasons than something like the Elder Scrolls games).


Morrowind to me is the best in the series(modding aside, just vanilla games) as far as world design, immersion and organic, interesting characters/gameplay, for one big reason that it departs at least some from the classic high fantasy 'sword and sorcery' staples more than Oblivion and Skyrim seem to. Just personal opinion though. Others may prefer Oblivion/Skyrim's style more.


I'm thinking of trying out the game with just the tweaks from Skyrim Redone as combat modifiers and see how I like it. It's supposedly much more challenging in a smart way than vanilla, but if it's not what I'm after I might add requiem as well. Hopefully it won't clash with my existing mods too much. I was thinking there was a compatibility issue between Requiem and Prison Overhaul, but I can't remember.


Cursed Loot sounds like it would be a great mod to add for many reasons, including the one you cite. I'll look into it. I'll check out the mod you list last in your post. Thanks!




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First off, here's the Sexlab Index you were looking for:




Secondly, a tip for modding:


Don't just savearrow-10x10.png your game often; savearrow-10x10.png you Dataarrow-10x10.png folder often as well (or even just backup your whole Skyrim directory if you have the HD space).  I haven't followed my own advice much here, however I do have a basics modded Data "start" folder so I don't have to go all the way back to square one if something happens.


Keep in mind that most of these mods are fairly customizable, usually in the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM).  I do get the impression that MCM menus have to be implemented by the mod author, and some don't have them, even though it would come in handy.  This menu is in the main menu: Press 'Esc', and down the left side of the screen, there are a number of settings (save, load, etc)... about half way down is the MCM, if it's loaded.  You mentioned, specifically, not liking the blindfold effect.  That's modifiable.  There's a second effect for the blindfold that apparently does let you see enough to navigate in first person.  I've never tried it myself.  Like a previous poster, I got tired of the original and simply disabled blindfolds in the MCM settings.  With my current settings, for example, anyone who captures my character will never equip blindfolds, unless from her inventory.  I could disable that, too, but I just make a point of never carrying blindfolds. (Why use player inventory?  Because if I have them use inventory restraints, the programarrow-10x10.png isn't making more every time the character gets a device equipped, and thus swamping the game world with items that aren't needed for my less than optimal CPU to keep track of.)


Your best betarrow-10x10.png is to be very clear on what a particular mod does, load it, load the game, find or do whatever the mod does and test it.  Once you know it's installedarrow-10x10.png and working (correctly), exit the game (maybe even make a new save) and load the next mod.  I've had a number of problems with loading several mods at once and then having an issue, with no idea which of the newly loaded mods was causing it.


There are two programs I highly recommend. 


1. FNIS - Fores New Idles in Skyrim - Sorts scripts as best I can tell.  Most of these mods run scripts; this programarrow-10x10.png makes sure they play as well as possible together and/or actually makes them available to the program to run in the first place.  Pretty much required by a lot of mods.


2. LOOT - Load Order Optimization Tool - Things further down in the load order can overwrite things higher up in the load order (I think).  I messed around with Oblivion without this, got it for Skyrim, and am never doing without it again.  Manual load ordering is a big hassle, and I've yet to have issues that I can track to the load orders LOOT decides on.


Some mods (based on posts above) that I'm sure you'll want:


1. Death Alternative (DAYMOYL) (or other "No more reload on death" mod) - Basically, when killed, it actually knocks out your character and starts one of a number of possible scenarios.  This is also critical to a number of the player slavery mods.  This one is also very customizable through the MCM.  Great for game continuityarrow-10x10.png rather than "Damn! - reload... Damn! - reload..."  It's another to get you to stop and think before engaging that pack of (insert dangerous enemy here), rather than just running in and flailing away with fingers crossed.


There's also an MCM in DA (I think) that will get rid of that silly ragdoll on death effect.  [EDIT: I think I was thinking ragdoll on sex completion.  Meh.  Either way, I find ragdoll extremely silly in a very not good way.]


Oh, and welcome to LL!

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@AKM I don't do file backup. It's just not my thang.... :P


But seriously I'll keep that in mind. I learned the hard way just putting a bunch of mods into your game without play-testing along the way, and backing things up before the inevitable paddywhack of mish-mashed hogwash is a great way to ruin your day.


I've gotten an idea of how helpful the MCM menus are. It's always a shame when involved mods don't com with that integrated feature. As for blindfolds, I think you might have read another post and thought it was mine. I haven' t tried out blindfolds yet to have an opinion, but I'll keep the MCM in mind in case there's an issue.


I've got FNIS set up, and so far I've only needed the LOOT that's built into Mod Organizer, since manual tweaking has so far proved unnecessary. It's cool that it's integrated into the manager like that.



"1. Death Alternative (DAYMOYL) (or other "No more reload on death" mod) - Basically, when killed, it actually knocks out your character and starts one of a number of possible scenarios.  This is also critical to a number of the player slavery mods.  This one is also very customizable through the MCM.  Great for game continuityarrow-10x10.png rather than "Damn! - reload... Damn! - reload..."  It's another to get you to stop and think before engaging that pack of (insert dangerous enemy here), rather than just running in and flailing away with fingers crossed."


Exactly. Just what I'm looking for. As I mentioned previously I'm glad to hear a lot of these mods can now be centrally 'managed' through DAYMOYL(or rather, the machanism by which each other mod is triggered can go through DAYMOYL). Makes things a lot simpler.



Modding and stuff has been rather slow this week, but the weekend's coming up, and I'm diving back in. Weekends are awesome :D


Thanks for the welcome!



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Initially i didn't list Submit in the mod list because i always got crashes, i thought because it hasn't been updated a while. A few days ago in one of the last 5-10 pages of the submit thread i found a patch that a fellow LL member released and now submit works again.


So i also recommend submit, it has no Daymoyl integration though, so probably it is best to use submit only on your own but not passively to avoid clashes with submit iniializing, getting another hit and Daymoyl also trying to start then.


I like the escape feature in submit, always turning it to highest bondage difficulty, it can easily happen then that you get raped 10-20 times in a row then before finally escaping, because each time you fail to escape nearby enemies take another turn on raping you. While definitely not intended that way due to stupid normal skyrim behavior sooner or later you'll get raped near a wall or similiar barrier and the game will place you afterwards far enough away then so that you can finally escape unnoticed. Or you are lucky, but with only 10% chance to escape (unless you have a really high lockpicking skill) usually i rather escape due to these replacement bugs.

Which doesn't matter much because i always explain it to myself for immersion that the evil bandits tired out for a while :D.


Positive side effect from this rapefest is that you definitely need a few days to recover then from the wear&tear from apropos etc..



So thanks to Defeat, Submit, Daymoyl and SD+ you have great variance then. SD+ is still the worst possible outcome, but Defeat and Submit can be really nasty too. Submit's drawback is that afaik it has no group animations, only single attackers. Defeat has those nice group animations. Submit is more punishing to the player usually though since you lose all your stuff and escaping from the hogtie can result in quite a rapefest.


You just have to balance the mods settings and adapt your playstyle to be more careful (some may say coward) to your taste, i'm really happy with mine currently. 60-80% of my skyrim playtime i play normal, usually this is several hours, but eventually something bad happens and this might take only a couple minutes if lucky or can evolve into very interesting also several hour long stories, mainly due to cursed loot or SD+ being particularly mean :D


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So now all the LL mods I was looking for are set up, along with a bunch of regular mods. I've been doing some testing now, and while I've worked out most of the kinks(heh, pun), most of the capture events are highly unstable and don't work very well, particularly with regard to my character actually staying alive after she's been captured -_- I don't think there's anything wrong with the mods themselves, or any errors with configuration, but rather a conflict with maybe Skyrim Redone's combat modifiers, which change(increase) damage dealt per enemy blow. Let me ask here, has anyone used mods like Defeat, Submit, SD+, Prison Overhaul etc. with Skyrim Redone, and have you had problems with combat modifiers affecting your game? I know I mentioned this previously but I'm trying to dig a little deeper. I want the dynamic difficulty increase of mods like SkyRe, but i want to still have my LL mods without conflicts.


Any experience with problems like this?




Submit sounds very interesting. I'm a little ahead of your message in that I've already implemented it, and it seems to be integrated with DAYMOYL, at least according to it's MCM menu. New feature?


"You just have to balance the mods settings and adapt your play style to be more careful (some may say coward) to your taste, i'm really happy with mine currently. 60-80% of my skyrim playtime i play normal, usually this is several hours, but eventually something bad happens and this might take only a couple minutes if lucky or can evolve into very interesting also several hour long stories, mainly due to cursed loot or SD+ being particularly mean :D"


That's just the type of thing I'm going for :) I'm all set up except for my combat modifier issue I mentioned above, bu once that's sorted out, I'll be set. So glad I went back and did it all with Mod Organizer. so much easier(for me anyway)





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I'm going to resuscitate this thread before it goes off to the morgue because it's almost exactly the play I'm going for. Only I just started the wipe and reload everything with MO this time routine a few days ago.


I've been reading up on all the mod discussed so far, to the tune of a few hundred+ page threads going back years, so I may muddle some details for which I apologize in advance. But I think you may have trouble with most or all of the combat rebalancers in combination with Prison Overhaul in particular. You might want to read the last couple few pages of that mod's support thread to verify how best to make it work as many people reported being whipped to death when used with SkyRe or other combat overhaul mods


And please report back and keep us posted on what does and doesn't work!

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