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Smaller Hands and Rings


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Has anyone managed to solve the ring problem with ZKEC or geechan's smaller hands?


I realized midway during something I was working on that these hands dont fit rings properly. I've uploaded some ZKEC gauntlets that came out of the project for anyone who wants them, but don't know what I should do with the rest of this stuff. Is there a way to reposition rings with scripts?



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 It's not a promise but i'll try to do that , not only for ZKEC hands but also for the other " little hands" OldWolf58 created a few month ago with his new " sort of " HGEC body, because i use them for my RKA future collection and for the future GBEC  " 2 "( Fejeena " tweaked version"  to match the " standard  " HGEC Feet ) ...


Now two problems : for the Vanilla models , i will put the ring on the Medium finger like this i 'll keep a sort of compatibility with non Vanilla models that came with some mods. So that's not a big deal. 


But , there iare also a lot of other models ... especially in the Apachii's mods and most of those models are skinned if i remember well and this is a little problem ( i already did a convertion for some of Apachhi's models by the past and for ZKEC ... on another computer )  , it's not easy just with NifSkope - this one is my favorite tool - of course , to adjust something on a hand , arm or finger.


I wonder if the Guerra6 's Clothing Converter could help in this case or not  ?

I will test it first.




PS : here a ltlle test  made but it works for the RRing only and for the default finger - not yet the Medium -   the ring was rescaled first to 0.900 and the Z axe resized to -0.5100 .


Attention it works for the Right Ring Only .


Well in fact i prefer to work with a skinned ring , it's more easy than with a Vanila one.


For the OldWolf58 's model , it's more easy to adapt a ring , i just need to escale it to +/- 0.9 .

Now , if rescaled , some models will not appear when wearing  a glove ....


PPS : i think it would be better to recreate a correct smaller hand matching the Skeleton or just to match the 2 first fingers. That's just to avoid  a compatibility problem ... in my opinion Geechan was wrong when he create this model , so that's just my point of view , nothing else.

0khajiitScale09 - Copie Test01 4 ZKEC Modified Small Hand RRing ONLY.nif





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