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Looking for an adult Mod collection


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It's been a while since I played Skyrim and I'm looking to start again with my new PC. Because I changed computer, all my old mods have been lost so I'll need to redownload some. But because of various issues I'd had, downloading and redownloading and testing and retesting different combinations, I have no idea what I actually ended up using, let alone what worked well together.


So I thought I'd ask for the community's help. What mod collections do you use with minimal crashes/weird bugs etc?


What I'm looking for must include:


High res textures

Sex scenes

Skimpy or nude armours


Other kinks


Still allow me to play the game normally, with diversions to go indulge.


I'm pretty sure the community here has collections they use for general non-testing play so I'm hoping someone will help out


Thanks in advance!

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Downloads - Skyrim Adult & Sex Mods and Downloads - SexLab Framework both of these tabs are on the front page of the site the time it took you to click the skyrim adult mods tab scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to get to the make a new thread and then type all that out you could of already been looking for the mods you want.

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Gvman: I'm not picky, I've used several before.


Myuhinny: Oh I've seen that. Trust me. But those are a specific batch and I don't know if they work well together until I download and test them. I'm looking for a user test combination that works so I don't have to waste 3 days setting up something with my rubbish internet only to find it crashes out because Dongs of Skyrim clashes with Enhanced Windhelm

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Reading the authors pages can help find out what mods they work with and what do not work with them as many state on their page if anything is not compatible with them. Like the sexlab dangerous nights mod that allows you to get attacked while sleeping along with any followers with you that are part of the correct follower faction that the mod looks for. It states that it is not compatible with any mods like the see you sleep mod. The lovers comfort mod is also not compatible with it as well because it activates at the same time while you sleep as the dangerous nights one does.


For SOS all you need to do is make sure is that everyone that uses the slongs from slongs of skyrim has a SOS compatible skeleton.


If the  enhanced windhelm mod is the Towns and Villages Enhanced - Windhelm mod it could cause problems with anything as it adds a lot of stuff to the town and can cause FPS to drop because of the amount of stuff it adds to the place. 


1 Rule of thumb if you are going to use sexlab mods is to not go overboard stuffing the game with lots of script using mods as some can be high script using and the more of those that you add to your game the higher the chance of them causing problems in a game. Also using lots of high graphics stuff ENB's mods that add a lot of stuff the a place can cause problems.


All I have in my game for sexlab mods is sexlab more nasty critters animal house and match maker and match maker isn't big it is mostly for checking to see that animations are working correctly for sexlab and mods that use it.

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