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DOA 5: Last Round


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Considering that most fighting games live or die on the online matchmaking component, and that such components can only be truly and safely (more or less...) enforced by closing the game as much possible... yeah, not in a million years.

I'll happily eat my words if it ends up being moddable, but I think there are better odds of any of us becoming the ruler of all creation and space time.


What might be possible, even if it's not the same, is that people might be able to export the models, clothes, locations, etc to GMod/SFM/XNALara.

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Well,they do have nude mods for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions (not that nude mods are really worth violating the systems' terms of usage),so there is little reason why there couldn't be one for the PC version.





It isn't unheard of for fighting games on PC to receive adult mods of all kinds though it is doubtful that DOA5 will have anything added as unusual as Segadordelink's futanari Poison mod for Street Fighter x Tekken:


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