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Sexlab starts, has mcm, devious devices and captured dreams dont have mcms, devices dont work

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I can enter the cell for captured dreams, buy things, put them on (but theres no visual of any devices), but sexlab is working, theres no mcm menus for devious devices/captured dreams, and scripted events arent happening related to them. I clean installed all of em, new and old saves, all the regular stuff. Please assist.

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i've HAD it working it just suddenly stopped, all I did was upgrade the devious mods to latest versions (WHICH SHOULD WORK) and before you ask I did it the way its supposed to be done and it wasnt an instal order issue. I have no idea why it just isnt starting now. (I appreciate the help)


EDIT: to clarify its ALL devious devices not working and their scripts, I assume devious devices in and of itself isnt starting causing domino effect but I have NO idea how to force it to start or anything like that.

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I had this issue with my first attempt at a modded playthrough, I found out that I had accidentally archived the files for the broken mods into one new folder, then installed that, which I think can't be read with Mod Organiser at least. The MCMs were not there and I couldn't start talking to the Master in the Captured Dreams shop, or use devices. The only way I fixed it was a new game, sorry. It's worth it though ;)

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