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racemenu complexion unable to comply

Lord Ariakas

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Hi guys.

I discovered a problem with my racemenu.I have a 5th face complexion, which is beautiful.It took hours to hunt down a source, but it seems one of the companion makeup/ redux mods added it to the racemenu.

My problem is if I select this complexion it will work until I change area/load/using racemenu command again, then the character original face/complexion take place. The slider in racemenu still on the 5th slot, so it seems somehow it is being disbled.

Am I right to suspect it is being overwritten?
What kind of mod could overwrite a face complexion? I have more than 350 mods active (a good 120 at least texture/mesh/model) so that would really help to narrow it down.

What could possibly cause this?





Mod is which contains the beautiful complexion: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37861/?tab=4&&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fcomments%2F%3Fmod_id%3D37861%26page%3D1%26sort%3DDESC%26pid%3D0%26thread_id%3D1027851&pUp=1


I tried this with absolutely NO mods, started without SKSE, and all, just plain skyrim.

Other (original) complexions stay on the character, like wrinkly face, even after load, or console command.

This "new" complexion however revert back to vanilla face. HELP please, why is this happening?

Is there is any way to keep this "face"?

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I did a bit of research, there was a mod in 2012 called face shop on the nexus. It added new complexions to the racemenu. They had the same problem, so the mod was not successful.

Is  anybody knows this is what the engine doing? Is there any way to bypass/ trick it to keep the complexion?



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    caleb680 kudos11 posts

    I found out what its doing, its not that its losing the complexion, its that its ignoring vital parts of the complexion like the normal mapping after loading the save. Not sure how to fix that.

    posted @ 1:50, 29 Dec 2012


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    caleb680 kudos11 posts

    I'm losing face changes everytime on reload, i've tried changing the load order of mods but with little effect. have all your followers installed, and Apachii Hair far as ones editing the lists. not sure why its losing the data, even with this one set as the last loaded mod. perhaps you should try doing the same method as Apachii hair uses for its hair models? just a thought if you haven't already. Great Job on the textures, just getting tired of typing using 'showracemenu' to reset the face.

    posted @ 10:02, 24 Dec 2012


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