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Question about animations...

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Sorry, didn't know exactly where to write this but....


Finally got myself a modded Oblivion along with some sex mods from here but, the animations are really stiff and barely represent what they supposed to represent. Not only that but there are maybe 10 different animations at best.



Is there a way/place to get more animations?


Is there a way to improve animations?

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No, you don't need specific textures.

The animations come packaged with LAPF Creatures, which I assume you have installed by now because scouring the main download page of the framework you're using is very intuitive.

But, if you're expecting an actor to take the "male" part with female creatures, you're going to be severely disappointed I'm afraid.

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The OP of the LAPF clearly states what it has included (and the number of animations).  It also states how to get different animations (grab key) and by default is set up to randomly select animation from the group based on what type of sex you are engaging in.  If you are having issues, then you need to read this thread and provide the troubleshooting info it asks for:  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/4487-please-read-before-posting-here/




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