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Need help choosing the right body types for both genders...


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I'm sorry, i wasn't too sure where to create this topic so well..


I'm trying to get back into Skyrim with mods but i just can't choose the right body types, i always had problems with this and could never get it right.



What i'm looking for is:


Male :


A possible body type that looks more down to earth and less  a Wrestling star. Something that looks less musculine


A possible body type that looks way too buff to the point of looking like Johnny Bravo

Either body type must be compatible with Shlongs of Skyrim, SexLab Framework and all of it's features.


Female :


A possible body type that looks close or like a fitness body. The breast size must not go higher than B-Cup "contrary to the popular belief, i prefer realistic breasts and not watermelons" If possible, it should be compatible with breast physics enhancing mods "jiggling?" 


I remember there was a mod recommended to me in here some time ago, that randomizes body types of characters around me. The problem i had with it is it will CTD whenever i turn it on.

Either option must be compatible with SexLab Framework and all of it's features.



Hopefully i'm not asking for too much, bodies are a curse of my modding experience...

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Generally yes, you would install the body replacer first, then the mature textures, then the battle hardened body (that are only normalmaps which create a fake "surface" and shadows).

Probably the BHB normals are only made for specific textures so you will get neck/hand seams if they don't match exactly.

The Mature Skin textures already have a quite muscular normalmap by the way.



But didn't you ask for a fitness body with B-Cups at max? Topmodel is (with all due respect) just another one of those "100% silicone" bodies.

You might want to give that UNP Unified a shot, no idea about outfit coverage though.

Otherwise there is UNP Skinny, and last but not least the big classic Bodyslide 2.

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Top Model is a strange body in that the weight slider only changes the titties from tiny, cute ones to big, plastic-injected porn melons. Yet the body stays slim. There is a UNP HDT-PE body available now and that probably has the most stuff converted for it, although not all the armor and clothes are ready to bounce and jiggle.


I have been playing with SAM for the male bodies lately and I do like it. It does what it should do and has some variety.

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Are SAM textures SoS compatible? Because i tested SAM with its standard textures, and my character was suddenly looking horrible.

Black eyeliner painted on the texture etc, basically a male version of "better females by bella" where everyone looks the same (trying to find non-insulting or too negative words).


And the "Samson" type of SAM body is the male equivalent of the "Manga Body" ;)

But i heard you can disable that completely.

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Alright, somehow i managed to make it look JUST the way i imagined. The only problem left to solve is that well, i don't quite know how to apply/make breasts physics. I tried several times but it would only work 30% of the time, some women had jiggling breasts some didn't....     But nevertheless, the original idea of my topic has been fulfilled and for that i am grateful to you guys.

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Only bodies and outfits tagged as "HDT" will have the correct mechanics built in. Underlined "bodies AND outfits" because it's not enough to have a HDT body, when the worn outfit is not HDT enabled.


Of course you need the HDT Physics extension to make that work, there's a whole forum right here.

This is just an SKSE plugin that does everything on its own, no need for animations or anything. Crouch / stand up to see if it works.


"TBBP" tagged bodies/outfits still get breast and butt bounce with HDT PE installed, but not 100% working as intended.
And TBBP < > HDT outfits and bodies are not 100% compatible with each other. Example if you wear some kind of TBBP panty on top of an HDT outfit, the bounce on both will act differently.

"BBP" should show breast bounce, but that's hardly even a compromise.

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