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Help with Undead Follower Granice (follower mod)


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Your graphic settings look extremely low. Maybe try setting "textures" to "high" or something, so at least the hair don't look like plastic bags :)


Gotta admit that i'm not very familiar with the issues that come from skyrim running on a low-end PC, but that is a common solution when textures are displayed completely wrong.

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My settings are already set to high (with no anti-aliasing, since I am using ICBINE to do the anti-aliasing) and the screenshot is just of a bad quality (due to heavy compression).


I've got no problems with my other downloaded companions and of the games NPC's in general. Just him.

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Looks like more then just the texture is installed wrong/incorrect pathway he is using the wrong eye as well. Looking at the hair nif in nifskope the texture path for the hair is pointing to ApachiiSkyHair textures\apachiiskyhairmale\newsea\vikingfrizzylong_blonde.dds You need it installed or you need to change the texture path in the nifs to match that of the texture folders pathway as there are textures for the hair in the hair folder.

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I would say that you need ApachiiSkyHair installed Badsector 2 posts up doesn't have a problem with the hair but they also have ApachiiSkyHair installed you might also need the other things installed for him as well that is listed on his page. Or it is installed incorrectly I don't use MO so I have no clue. If nothing else you could delete his files/uninstall and reinstall him back and see if anything was fixed.

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I don't have any mod that interferes with him as far as I know (I am not using custom textures to alter the vanilla races/npcs, except Bijin Warmaidens to improve the looks of Lydia and other vanilla female companions).  The rest of the followers  , especially the Dryads (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57563/?), who like Granice, use very individualized aesthetics have no problem.


Perhaps you could try sending me your 'copy' of his files?


I once had problems getting Bijin Warmaidens to work, but no problem anymore. I just didn't know how because I have always followed instructions properly. 

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