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Polygon warping and stretching on NPCs


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So this is kind of a copy and paste from Nexus forums but I use both sites fairly regularly so I don't feel too bad about it :D


I'm not really sure why this started happening. I've always been running 4k textures and my computer handles the graphics on the highest settings just fine. But in the last day or so I've started seeing polygon stretching across the screen from the NPCs.


I figure it has to be a graphics card problem but my video card is decent enough, an ATI Radeon 8760.


The only mod I've installed in the last 48 hours is HDT Physics but could it be having this effect on my performance?


I haven't tried turning down my settings yet because I've enjoyed 4k textures since day one and I don't think that could be the problem.


I cleaned my computer from dust in case it was performance issues and I did a full computer sweep of anything that could be lagging it. Just not sure what could be causing it.

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