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What Body?


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Ok guys I started to play FONV a few months back and ended up in a disastrous mess. I had body mods that did not work with Sexout and so on. What body does Sexout and it's other mods play best with? Not worried to much about tit size as I find most all female forms sexy. I just remember reading some where b4 that Sexout or one of it's other mods had a body built into it and wanted to know what it was so I could get armor mods and all with out any invisible bodies when I equip armors. Thank you in advance.

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The default body used by SexoutNG if you do not have your own installed is T6M BnB, but you can use whatver you want.



From the SexoutNG Description:

"A male nude body (underwear) and bodysuit (erect) are included (Breezes) and used when appropriate, and a female nude body (T6M BnB) is included within the BSA. Of course if you do install a female nude body, it will be used without issue, and there will be no install conflicts."

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Yeah it isn't like there is a go-to body for sexout, I mean jeez I think I have 3 or 4 different body types installed and maybe 2 additonal ones that are custom work by myself. The only reason why you would be getting invisible bodies as you mentioned is because you did NOT install whatever body you were using correctly. 

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