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Which bodies are preg-supported?


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So, I'd like a bit of help putting together a list of which body mods are pregnancy-supported. I wrote this down at some point but, messes being what they are, have lost it...somewhere. Not to mention that not all authors necessarily tag their work with respect to this feature.

That said, I'm curious which bodies have the aforementioned support and which do not.

UNP(B), (S)7B, CHSBHC, TBD, UN7B, Manga, CBBE (v3.3), Lady, UNPB(O)/7BO, UNP-TopModel, UNPS, ADEC, 7BCH


I can't imagine that's an exhaustive list but it's all the ones I can think of off the top of my head. At any rate, if anybody knows which ones to file where, it would be much appreciated.


On a secondary note, I have two additional queries:

1. If a body states "pregnancy supported" or something along those lines, does that refer to both chest and belly expansion or merely one of the two. In my mind, such a statement implies both.

2. If I create a custom preset (or import one) in Bodyslide 2.0 do the created skeletons support pregnancy by default, assuming I muck around with the associated sliders - specifically the pregBelly slider. Or is there an intermediary step?


Thanks in advance.

Oh, and if this has been asked before, sorry. I did check before posting but I'm open to the possibility that something was overlooked.



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Just load the mesh into nifskope and look for belly node if it has it then it works with pregnancy. If it doesn't have it then it will not work. You will need a skeleton that also has a belly node for it to work. You can also use mesh rigger found on LL here and add a belly node to a body.

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