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Valkyrie Body Tattoos UNP 7B + Flash and Template

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Note: I was having trouble attaching images to the description page so I read the forums on how to do so and I really can't be fucked creating an account on another website just to link an image for this haha so yeah, just click the links if you want to preview or upload your own screenshots :P


This was made for personal use but seeing as it's christmas n all I figured may as well share it for anyone else who's interested.


All credit goes to the individual artists who made the flash, all I did was put it together. I didn't record them so if you want to know who they are just reverse image search the files, most of these were found through searching google images anyway so it shouldn't be hard.


I'm probably not going to check back on this page regularly after a while so don't expect any updates or anything. Hence why I added all the flash I used and even the ones I didn't in case you want to change anything. I also included two .xcf files which can be opened with Gimp (I chose a free editing program so anyone can use it) for anyone who wants to edit the tattoos; they're all separated into layers so it should be easy for anyone to add or remove as they please.



Now for some lore...


I tried to keep everything relatively nordic/celtic/skyrim related. These descriptions are just suggestions, make whatever meaning you want from them :)






The large wings represent the 'wings' or 'shields' of the dragonborn, or ascending to Sovengarde/Valhalla; the samurai and dragon represent The Blades; the fish/siren represent how Vikings were sea travelers; and the spread wings and dog prints represent "run with the wolves, soar with the owls/eagles/whatever."


Left arm:




The writing within the main design says, "The only thing better than a good book is a blank page," which could be seen as the Dovahkiin's new beginning in Skyrim (or return to Skyrim, seeing as you were captured crossing the border); the horned skull with armor can either resemble the Dawnguard (if you're a member or a hunter of Dawnguard (if you're a vampire); and the Valkyrie represents always having a guardian on your shoulder.


Right Arm:




The large crest could represent either war faction or a stronghold; the circular wolf and Nordic runes could represent Fenrir, or Stormcloaks, or wolves ect; and the wolf, owl and ravens can be an expansion of the back and mirror of the left arm, always having nature on your other shoulder/being one with nature ect.






The celtic dogprint and wings could represent Skyrim being close to your heart or just more "run with wolves, soar with birds" kinda shit; the dragon eating itself represents the cycle of life; the bear totem/dreamcatcher either meaning you're a seer or shaman, or more Stormcloak insignia, or bear hunter/whatever; the owl represents being a watcher, a stalker of prey, wisdom; lastly, umm.. the belly dragon represents indigestion and the tits represent you being a female ;) who needs lore right?






For the legs I just wanted big Valkyries slapped on those badboys. The right leg (left of the screen) shows a Valkyrie descending from the sun/moon off on the horizon,all glory n shit. The left leg (right image) shows two Valkyries (maybe your companion or wife w/e) watching two wolves fight, kind of like a "dog-eat-dog world" thing; afterall, you arrive/return to Skyrim only to find it divided in civil war, consuming itself while the Thalmor watch from the shadows. So maybe this represents your power to change the fates or pull the strings, depending on who your character is.






Now I didn't put any writing on the knuckles purely because that's just not my thing, but everything's there if you want to add it. Anyway, most here can follow the same lore as everything else I've mentioned (excluding tits) but I will mention the "compass" idea. On the left palm is a vegvísir (which, for those of you who are interested, isn't that ancient. From memory that style was recorded only a few centuries ago), which is like a Nordic compass or sorts. The idea is that when you cast something like magelight or whatever in your left hand, you're using it in conjunction with the palm compass to navigate. Hence why I added the little compass triangle/circle things on the middle fingers to act as direction. There's one on the inside of the lefthand middle finger and the outside righthand middle finger: would be cool alongside an animation that made you clasp your hands together with both 'compass-fingers' parallel to each other or something.

Lastly, the bow on the left hand represents [you guessed it] and the winged lines on the left thumb is for Valkyries to guide your arrow or spell.


Anyway, my first mod on loverslab, feels good to finally contribute something back.


Enjoy :D


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Love these tats!

Happy you're enjoying it :D



That's cool and everything, but am I the only one who can't see the images? :o


Works for me.


@nakedinmate: thanks for sharing these, they look splendid.


Thanks :D


Umm... how are these tatts applied? Via racemenu or slavetatts or... something else? :)

I've only recently changed over to racemenu from ECC so I haven't played around with tats in that yet. For now, these are just texture replacements.


ive been tryna install this joint for like 2 days i put it in the textures file n shit and it still wont work 4 me

Not sure why it isn't working for you. If you aren't using a custom race it should apply the skin to everyone, but not working at all I can't think of what the problem is. Possibly putting it in the wrong directory but I've set the path correctly. If this is your first mod then probably missing the essential mods to activate everything else, but I doubt that.


Maybe try putting the files n shit :P into different folders and see what happens, or download a custom race and switch into that folder.

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Surprised to see people return to this mod. I should mention that replacing the textures is a really old model of doing things, I ended up using the textures to replace someone else's tattoo image and applied them through racemenu, much more convenient. Just replace and rename the file with any other texture file from a racemenu-compatible mod and it'll work.


However, if you use a dirt texture mod such as bathing in skyrim, replacing the body texture is better because in my experience, the dirt texture will conflict with the body tattoos from racemenu. Also, from memory excessive blood conflicted as well, so there's still advantages to replacing textures if you want to use those mods. I no longer do so racemenu is better for convenience, personally.

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