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UNP Hand and Feet Meshes: Which to choose? / What's the difference?


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Body meshes are a topic of long-tired debates. However, I don't think I've ever read much about the various Hand and Feet meshes available for UNP.


There are a lot of them, and it's confusing what the difference is and which is suitable for your needs.



Better Hand Mesh

Feminine Hands

HN66s Hands (there is a hand-only version w/o the nails)

Halo's High Poly Hands and Feet




FemFeet Redesigned

Halo's High Poly Hands and Feet



Anyone knowledgeable about this?


Using nifskope, I've only learned two things:

  • Better Hand Mesh and Feminine Hands both have the same vertice count (1452)
  • Halo and HN66's hand meshes have around 4k-5k vertices (3x as much as the other two). Might be overkill when the UNP body is ~6k vertices.


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I use the Temptress race, but I've changed all meshes and textures, I'm currently using 7B Bombshell with Halo's High Poly Hands and Feet, Citrus Head and custom 4K uncompressed textures, and I have nothing to say other than it looks amazing, but of course, that's only for my character !!!

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