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Problem with CBBE Lush body, Crushed butt


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To quote from the LUSH installation instructions:


0) Install latest SKSE (Google Skyrim Script Extender)
1) Realistic Ragdoll and Force by dDefinder1
2) FNIS Behavior by fore, followed by any custom animations
3) Caliente Beautiful Bodies Edition(CBBE) by Caliente
4) XP32 Maximum Skeleton by xp32
5) HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT
6) Caliente Bodyslide by Caliente
7) Bodyslide Compatible Outfit Packs such as Remodeled Armor for CBBE by chronotrigger77
8) CBBE LUSH (this) or any CBBE body replacer with Bodyslide.
9) Run FNIS, run LOOT.


Check which one you don't have installed, and make sure that the XP(32)MS is overwriting the skeletons from Realistic Ragdolls (and SoS or other male replacers, while we're at it).




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