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Animations do not start


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in my game, i have installed the beastrape mod and the appropriate animations pack.

in game, whenever i go up to an animal it puts me into a cinematic view as if something was supposed to happen but nothing does. im just stuck there in a cinematic pose and the animal is doing the same.

any help would be appreciated

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i think i might have two conflicting mods installed. sex lab (in my understanding) has its own bestiality section. but when i use the matchmaker spell on ex. a wolf, my character goes into an animation, but the wolf does nothing.


the other mod i have is the beastrape mod which causes animals to spontaniously rape your character. whithin this mod. all that happens is that i am put into a cinematic scene, but nothing happens.


here is what i have installed (in this order)

(all skyrim related things such as dlc and unofficial patches)




Working Dog.esp


the animation set "bestiality Animation pack" is installed as well as the latest version of FNIS and the "Creatures Pack"

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