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T pose keeps happening randomly!


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Ok so, I recently decided to try out FNIS so I can change the way my character walks, runs, and stands. The mods I was using wasn't changing anything about it, but making my character glitch out. She would walk, run, and stand like their defaults, but it didn't seem right. She would sometimes just go into a T pose, just randomly. So I decided to get rid of the mods I was using with FNIS and uninstall FNIS completely. So I got rid of both and nothing changed at all. It skill looked the same, she still looked kind of glitch, and was going into a T pose randomly again!


The mod I was using was

XP32 New Animation Package-Nexus Exclusive by xp32


Someone please help!

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Nothing else to say T-pose happens ONLY if you did not run fins after installing mods that contain animations thats it....


Install whatever mod containing animations

Run FINS Generator.exe

Be happy without T-pose


Don't say you did that if you would have done it its impossible it would happen (especially not just with xp32 animation package.

Also never forget to look at the requirments from certain mods...

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