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Ungrateful Bastards!


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Why is it when I try to be a good upright moral person in Skyrim,me,the Great Dragonborn is always being called a milk drinker.What is up with that? Finally had enough and going back and kill everyone who calls me that now.Screw the quests,time for vengence!

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A little divine punishment works wonders on those irritating guards and doesn't get you in a bit of trouble (and bragging about how they stole my damned sweetroll). When one of them irritates me as I run past, I find myself striking up a conversation over and over and over again til that guard gets due justice:angel:

Glad to see that I'm not the only one who does this XD.

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I want the 'good dog' to replace the 'stupid dog' comments. But the only mod that reliably has that adds a bunch of other stuff and doesn't play nice with my order. (plus I can't seem to find the damn thing anymore to attempt to simply replace the phrase)


It makes me sad that everyone is such an asshat to those loving animals. Sure, Skyrims mutts are a little dumber than the favorite pups I've had in my life but still. 

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