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Help with Deleting Part of Outfit?


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Hi Guys, 


I'm not sure if this is even possible, but I thought I'd ask regardless. I love this outfit, but the buttcape causes clipping. It's driving me insane, cuz I'm easily driven insane, and I was wondering if somebody could help me out? 


It's the succubus queen outfit mod: 






This is the mod: http://www.mediafire...Queen Attire.7z


Theres a bodyslide version too: http://www.loverslab...en#entry1002769

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This is a easy fix. First you will need something like FOMM (fallout mod manager) as the files are in a BSA and you need a BSA extractor to get them and FOMM has a built in BSA extractor. You can find it in the fallout section of LL.


First extract the the _0 and _1 cuirass from the BSA then load them into nifskope right click the cape and go to block - remove branch this will delete the cape out of the nif along with anything attached to the cape like nodes. Then save as to overwrite the nif then load up the other nif and repeat what you did to the first nif.


When you extract the files they will be extracted along with the folder path so all you have to do after modifying the nifs is to drop the folder into you skyrim data folder.


Also when you right click something that you want to remove make sure to double check and make sure only the piece that you want to remove highlights otherwise it will remove any part that also highlights as those are attached to the item as well.

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Your welcome.


Another option for things that clip depending on where it clips you can make minor fixes in nifskope. If there is clipping inside the legs/feet you can't fix that in nifskope.


But sides back and front you can. Make a copy of the nifs for safe keeping. Then load up the and right click what is clipping and go to transform - scale vertice this will bring up and small screen with X Y and Z with numbers 1.0000. X expands the outfit outward on the sides Y expands the outfit outward for the front and back Z do not touch. Never change the 1 before the . unless you want to see what the staypuff marshmellow person looks like. The 0 after the . should also be left alone for the most part as that one also expands it quite a bit. The one I usually use is the 2nd 0 after the . do small amounts otherwise you will have to reload if you go to far. Keep track of how much you added because you will have to repeat that for both _1 and _0 nifs each 0 after the dot expands the outfit less and less the farther you go to the right. Play around with the numbers to see what happens. You can't undo what you add so make small adjusts otherwise you will have to reload the nif. If there are any attachments or anything that is attached to whatever you use this on then you will have to adjust them with the same number amounts that you used for the part that you adjusted.

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