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[REQ]Ultimecia outfit/horns.


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I been trying to get this armor requested back times in Oblivion, none of the modders are interested making it; hopefully, I get my second chance in Skyrim .:blush:






PS. I did not make the picture but It's copyrighted by RinoaLeonmac in DevianArt.

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Looking at the armor, I can see why no one wants to make it :s. The anorexic body shape, the horns, the fur textured coat, the back coat wings, and optionally the tattoos, claws, and feet. Good luck finding a Chinese modder to do it.


Skyrim players are still marveling at modders who implemented rudimentary wings and horns. I'd say post this again in a year and maybe we'll see what happens.

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the mesh? yes. but dissidia models are extremely low poly models.

some part of the armor, like her necklace, is actually not a modelled object. it's more like a flat texture.

so...basically for the mesh and texture to look good in game,the modder have to make it from scratch. '_'






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I think this outfit would look awesome in skyrim. I have seen some tattoos done using paint.net that I think are way better then the ones that use a body mesh as not everyone uses the same body. By doing it with paint.net all you have to do is put in your body file into paint.net then the paint.net tattoo file if the paint.net file is bigger then your body file change it to match the body file then lay it over the body file and you are done.

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