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  1. Is the uncle Benjen questline a dead-end (incomplete)? I have two options: 1.) Tell the uncle I don't expect him to do anything, I stay with the uncle, he spawns a bedroll on the ground, but nothing else happens, even after sleeping. Returning to the father also does nothing. 2.) If I send the uncle to go after the father, the uncle returns and enslaves me, but then what? Do I just play along until something happens? I'm at Slavery Level 2 at the moment. Or maybe this counts as complete and this is all considered a bad-end?
  2. What's the best tattoo pack to get if I want whipped / lash marks? I'm not seeing anything related to that in the main download page, unless I'm overlooking it. I remember having something similar in original Skyrim.
  3. Gotcha, thanks . Edited my post just now. I'll give your post a try. I didn't want to do the BD replacer mod option because then literally all of Skyrim's NPC women would be wearing the absurd outfits. I like my PC unique .
  4. For the tavern clothes (Wench outfit; the 2nd outfit the Father hands me), the Father doesn't like my modded Tavern Clothes BD's version. What do I need to edit in SSEEdit to fool the Wartimes mod into thinking the Tavern Clothes BD's matches the one the Father likes, or what can I do to mod the BD version as a replacement for the Tavern Clothes the father likes? I attached a screenshot of the item in question. What item properties do you think the Father wants to see to satisfy him?
  5. The father isn't removing the Mask of Shame, even when I specifically tell him to "get me out of these infernal devices" and even when his text seems to agree. I also have a ton of favor with him. I guess plan-B then: Is there a console command to remove the Mask? There's an unequip console command, but that's no better than simply trying to unequip it that way. Devious Devices also says the MCM menu is locked while wearing devices. It might be cursed to wear this mask for all eternity.
  6. Several of the links I'm finding all seem to point to outdated files according to other users. Can anyone tell me the most recent master versions, or at least the ones that work for any of you? I'm going to assume I shouldn't be using the original Skyrim versions?
  7. I'm unsure what mod (or in-game option) is doing this, but the size of my character's breasts, genitals, and anus keep changing to the smallest size. I believe it happens after characters have sex, maybe from getting naked and re-equipping themselves? Has anyone experienced this? My characters are just normal Humans using the OTY Body type. I also noticed curiously enough when I hover my mouse over the breast's condition, it sometimes auto-updates to something else. Other than Character Editor and Humanoid Alien Races, I can't think of what it could be, but here's my RimJob mod load order: I'll try playing around some more to isolate a culprit.
  8. Yea, envoys work like any other class, so you can just copy, say, the scientist code and replace scientist with envoy. One annoying thing is you can't pick your envoys in-game from a character pool like you can most other classes, but rather they're auto-assigned to the player, so I recommend having a lot of envoy portraits to reduce the chance of duplicates. Unless I'm missing something, you also can't fire them, so there's no chance to reroll for a new portrait, besides using console shenanigans.
  9. That's kind of how I've been doing my portraits is treating it like an anime portrait pack. It's just that Kagami is my favorite artist, so most of my stuff is from him. Homare and Inoue Takuya are also favorites of mine. I do have a few portraits from Homare I made that I'll share later. I don't really have an interest in doing a separate mod, since most of my stuff is in your gfx folder already anyways, so it'd be easier just gifting my stuff once I've made good progress. I was doing projects for Crusader Kings 2, but that modding scene is practically dead, Game of Thrones is on life support, and Crusader Kings 3 doesn't support anime characters, so that freed me up, lol. I'm not sure on single-gender, but I know it's possible to hide the gender label altogether, but that's kind of a poor solution. Some of the Azur Lane mods I tested don't even bother at all; they use female portraits designated as male in-game. I'll keep an eye out if I learn more.
  10. That's okay, because right now I actually recommend NOT playing, since Paradox said they will likely roll out a change to the infamous population mechanics. I'm already too deep into a save now though, so oh well, lol. I'll play around with the code. I'm tweaking the code as I play. I've also been making a few additional portraits, mostly from Taimanin RPGX that I may as well share later if anyone wants to add more. The more the merrier with Stellaris. One other thing is it looks like there's a missing closing bracket in 07_kagami_portraits.txt. The portrait_groups = {} code should encompass the entire second half of the file, but there's a line saying kagami= { that is adding an extra opening bracket. I'm thinking you can safely delete kagami = { For general population art, I just use this: I put it below the game_setup block. I'm thinking you can put your has_jobs in there too, but I'm still playing around with that. The jobs code is still new to me. What's great about pops is they don't care about gender as far as I can tell, so that's one less thing to worry about.
  11. Back from a long break. Getting back into Stellaris with the release of the new Nemesis expansion. Okay, so regarding the succession issue (ie. when the default ruler is duplicated multiple times), the code is setup wrong in 07_kagami_portraits.txt. In the ruler section, that should instead be part of the leader scope. Inside the leader block in the code, you'll use leader_class = ruler. Basically, screw the ruler scope; delete it out. Instead, treat the code like it's a new profession called Ruler. I also recommend the Ruler list match the same list as the game_setup list, and I also wouldn't let either list share any portraits from the other classes, otherwise the AI will eventually spawn portraits shared by the Ruler, which can be a bit jarring for the player.
  12. I'm getting back into Skyrim after several years, so I'm probably going to upgrade, but what I'm confused by is what does LE mean? Also, now there's a VR edition! Do the mods transfer over flawlessly from SSE to VR?
  13. Oh, wait, so manually pasting the DNA persistent metadata at the top is a complete waste of time then, even if I'm editing my player character? Well snap, I didn't know it auto-generated that code. Saves me time, thanks!
  14. Bingo, and I wouldn't call it minor. It was usually the reason why Paradox always kept having to tell its player-base, "Sorry, this update isn't compatible with old saves." Now, when Paradox adds or removes future traits in their inevitable future DLC, maybe it wont break the old saves. Or maybe it still will, lol who knows, it's Paradox. I wish Paradox had did the trait Index back in CKII so I wouldn't have to answer the hundreds of questions I got wondering why my portraits wouldn't work, even though I'd specifically tell players to always start a new game and not add/remove mods that add/remove traits on old save files. Anytime the trait Index changed even just one number, boom, everything screwed up.
  15. As long as they have share the faces of Dead or Alive (DoA) girls, I'm fine with whatever.
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