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Re: AMD Cat 14.12 Omega Drivers


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Okay, so I just saw that this driver is now available and packing with features -- and it should work with HD7750 (although the new stuff are available only for those APUs and R7s and R9s). Cleared 14.9 off -- both chipset and GPU -- and installed it. Fired up MW2 (don't give me that stare -- once in a while I'd like a little pea-shooting) and didn't have a problem while I played it for 30 minutes.


But when I tried Skyrim + ENB 0.262 + True Vision customized -- it felt... it was having some stuttering, and then the game froze. Tried again and then it froze again after about 5-10 minutes. MFW.


Mind you that I'm using much of Gamwich's textures and meshes, which are the most optimized kit I ever used. Gonna try again, but with the older 0.236, which shouldn't be much of a problem compared to 0.262, which asks for much on the table and made for newer GPUs.


Any comments coming from those using the drivers?

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14.12 omega drivers seem to work fine for me.

Hopefully it might fix the only issue I have with my card. About 1-3 times a day my screen flickers for a fraction of a second, the entire screen. It happens like everyday, but it's so infrequent I haven't bothered to look into it. I'll post back if I noticed it's fixed.

AMD had a lot to say about the omega drivers, saying they're the most stable best drivers. Lets hope they're true.

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Didn't had any problems installing the Omega drivers because I rarely run Windows Update (something I learned back when I installed XP and tried to update it, only to brick the installation and had to start over) unless it's necessary, and I do configure my personal system security; yes, badly done certificates causing the driver not to be installed properly.


Okay, I downgraded to 0.236, fired up the game and went to Solstheim. Never had a problem in the first hour and a half, slick as a weasel, battling my way through Miraak's temple, until the game froze again after leaving the Skaal village. Checked the MO logs and the game got iced apparently after loading a sound file.


Checked Task Manager and the graph told me that the game ate nearly 3.1gb before that happened.


Fuck, seems the game was doing fine under 14.9 for months without those freezes. Maybe I'll have to roll back again and check. Is it just me or that the 14.12 isn't for my card (maybe it makes sense, as 1gb is too piddly these days)? 


BTW, I've also ran checks between MPC and VLC on two different 1080p vids encoded in MP4; Pacific Rim was smooth on either player, but a JAV I picked up was stuttering under MPC but didn't choke under VLC. 


And I don't like using DDU again for upgrades/reinstalls -- that thing nearly killed the rig and I lost control of the USB keyboard and mouse, so I run only the regular Cat uninstaller.

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with these omega driver my game freezes after 10 minutes of game with error "display driver stopped responding and has recovered"; if i wait a little and dont' brute-stop the game, the driver will reload itself and skyrim continues to play. Now i am testing without any gpu overclock, let me see..


btw i noticed also that frame rate sadly was deacreased (on the other hand on "Assassin's creed Unity" i had a boost)

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It means some newer games will benefit from it, but for most cases the difference would be either little or reduced performance.


BTW, some parts of Solstheim seems to be so bugged that I CTD/freeze, and that's even after cleaning up the ESM.


EDIT: seems the Riekling triggers were fucked up, so killing the game.


EDIT 2: nailed it. Seems that Additional Player Voices isn't working properly on Solstheim.

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Have no problemswith this driver run smooth have some minor improvements on my benchmark scores.


Had a improvement on the 3Dmark Firestrike score of almost 200 points not bad.


BTW PEOPLE USE DDU(display driver uninstaller both for AMD/Nvidia) easy to use from guru3d.com it's must have application, do't forget to use it in safemode this remove driver completely everything that was installed.




You can just click the DDU APP and it bring you to safemode in windows 8 no need to restart to get there.


If you just uninstall driver and install new one you get CRASHES or other problems

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TBH, to use DDU is a bit daunting because some of the instructions are sketchy, that everyone has different mixes of boards and GPUs (and hence YMMV on the outcome), and that I'm using a motherboard with an AMD chipset (and my keyboard and mouse are plugged through USB, although I can plug it into the PS/2 ports) --- last thing I need is to wreck my year-old w7/64 install completely.


Already I tried AMD's own uninstaller, which really removed almost everything but did it the wrong way.

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